8 Tasty Blogging Tips

8 Tasty Blogging Tips

Blogging is probably one of the easiest ways to get a presence online. So easy in fact that you could have a blog up and running within 10 minutes and all for free. But this is just the beginning and there are many more bridges you have to cross before you can have a successful blog website.

In this article I’m going to share with you some of the things that will increase the success of your blog.

1- You need comments

One of the things that a visitor does when they land on your article is to scroll to bottom of that article and see if there are any comments from other visitors. If you have no comments then this is a red flag to say that this post may not be that interesting to read.

blog comments

So at the bottom of every article or post that you create you must ask your readers to leave a comment and share if they would be so kind as to share your post on their social networks. I know it sounds very simple but you’ll be surprised that how many bloggers do not do this.

2- Do you respond to your comments?

This is very important, why? Because if you go to a blog and see 10 comments and the blog owner has not answered or interacted with these visitors this shows that the blog owner does not really care.

I have been to blogs where there have been many comments and people asking the article creator a question and the blog owner hasn’t even taken the time to answer that question.  This in my opinion is a fatal mistake because if you interact with your visitors they will become loyal and return to your website over and over again just because you took the time to answer a question or to interact with them.

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3- Any new content?

You may have heard this one before by is so important and that is to ensure that you update your blog or website regularly. It is imperative that you update your blog at least once a week as a minimum but you should be aiming to update your blog at least four times a week.

Nobody likes to read a stagnant website or blog. I’m at a stage now that whenever I do a Google search I tell Google that only want results from the last month because I’m looking for fresh content not that old stuff from 2009.

4- The art of balancing

When you write your content you have to have both search engines and visitors in mind. Some people write just for search engines and SEO but when you write this way your content could.

Keep a Balance of things
If your readership begins to drop then your blog will eventually drop in rankings. So you have to blend the two together until you get the perfect balance of SEO and quality content.

5- Stop being greedy!

When I say stop being greedy I mean take down some of your ads.  This is probably one of the biggest traps for newbie bloggers and that is having excessive ads on your website and you have no traffic. The best thing to do is take your ads until your website gets traffic and a loyal readership and then monetize your site.

If you are getting 5 visitors a day to your website and you have Google Adsense slapped anywhere on your site Google will not take your blog seriously and nor will your visitors.

Another thing with having too many ads on your website is that it makes you look unprofessional and your website will scream “Newbie”

Think about it logically if you have good and loyal visitors to your website and you have built up trust they will buy from you anyway. So there’s no point in trying to force your visitors to click on add or buy a Clickbank product.

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6- Not networking with bloggers

This is a powerful tip and that is you need to network with other bloggers. If you want to become very visible within your niche you have to have a presence on other blogs that related to yours.

You have to go to all the top blogs or websites within your niche and join in the conversation and get involved, this will help to increase your brand and visibility.

blogger outreach

If you begin to use this strategy you will begin to receive more traffic to your website.

Also try and get to know the owners of the bigger and more popular blogs within your niche and even do some guest blogging for them.

7- Rubbish content

Whatever you do don’t create an auto blog or scrape/plagiarise content from other sites this will not help you one bit. Maybe two years ago creating an auto blogs was all the rage it was very effective but now with the new “Panda” updates this is no longer an effective method so steer clear of it.  Also stay away from content spinners because in the long-running it will all the merrier only hurt your site.

8- Why are you not using a top level domain?

This is a very important tip and that is you have to have your own domain name i.e. a.com or relevant domain extension.  Having a.com opposed to a “carsonline.WordPress.com” will give your site the “authority feel”.  If you’re serious about your blog or business do not use a sub domain.

Top level domains

Which of these is your favorite blogging tip?

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