Pinterest launches new features for retailers to take advantage of increased online activity


Retailers on Pinterest will now have more ways to be discovered as the platform introduces new shopping features aimed at bringing products to where users are most likely to shop. Pinterest announced the new features Thursday, including the launch of the Verified Merchant Program, new conversion reporting capabilities, dynamic retargeting options, and updates to Product Catalogs. Here are some points that can help you understand the features in detail.

Verified Merchant Program. Pinterest will now allow retailers on the platform to be verified, making their products eligible for distribution across Pinterest shopping experiences, including ‘Shop the Look’ Pins and related product carousels. Verified Merchants will have a blue checkmark badge on their profiles, and will be eligible for “high-intent shopping experiences and metrics like conversion reporting,” Pinterest said. The program has been in beta testing since last month and is now rolling out broadly. Retailers interested in signing up for the program can do so at

Conversion insights. Retailers on Pinterest will have early access to organic and paid conversion insights to more accurately measure Pinterest’s impact on website visits, checkouts, and sales across multiple attribution windows.

Catalogs updates. Pinterest Catalogs, which allow brands to upload a product catalog for ads and Shoppable Pins, have been optimized to “lessen the time from feed ingestion to Product Pin creation,” Pinterest said. The Catalog update also includes new metrics, near real-time feed ingestion, user experience enhancements, and the ability to schedule feed uploads.

Dynamic retargeting. Pinterest has extended its dynamic ad retargeting to global markets for advertisers who want to reach users who have previously engaged with their brand online or have abandoned their shopping carts. It’s a feature that has been in testing in the U.S. for a few months now. Now, brands can globally retarget exact or similar products that users search and save on Pinterest. The company said it will be working to build out even more “optimization levers” to give retailers more control around dynamic targeting.



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