How to Improve Your Business Through Blogging

Improve Business BloggingToday, businesses are learning new ways to enhance their blogs to get better results by attracting more and more customers. As per a study, those businesses who have blogs get 55 percent more traffic as compared to the ones without the blogs. However, businesses who have blogs, which fail to think outside the box. They are simply seen flooding their blogs with dry updates and happenings of their businesses. This is among the most common mistakes, which businesses today are seen committing. Hence, there is a scope for improving and enhancing your blogging efforts, which could help to improve your business. The following are some of the ways, in which you can improve your business through blogging.

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8 Tasty Blogging Tips

Blogging TipsBlogging is probably one of the easiest ways to get a presence online. So easy in fact that you could have a blog up and running within 10 minutes and all for free. But this is just the beginning and there are many more bridges you have to cross before you can have a successful blog website.

In this article I’m going to share with you some of the things that will increase the success of your blog.

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6 Tricks To Make More Money from Your Blog

Make Money From Your Blog



The right people offering their advice on how to make money from your blog will lead you through all the tried, tested and traditional methods of selling advertising space – acting as an affiliate for other web sites, Google Adsense, linking and more. All are necessary and worthwhile but before any of these ideas are able to bear fruit you must get traffic to your blog.

You can have the most beautiful blog page in the world full of ads and links but if nobody gets to see it the whole effort is worthless. Due to the sheer number of blogs being written around the world every day it is only reasonable to expect that the vast majority of these go unread. The secret therefore has to be how to get people to your blog in the first place. Once they’re there it is up to you to have written your blog in such a way that it will keep your visitors engaged.

Your blog headline will have covered the subject matter sufficiently to draw your readers’ attention to the content. From there on you have to hold their interest right through to the end. Once enlightened by the new information you have imparted, your blog will encourage your reader subscribe to future blog posts, or at least bookmark your site for future reference. If you can get enough people to do this you will be successful. [Read more…]

Six Things That Make Your Website Look Unprofessional

Website Look UnprofessionalAs we all know blogging and website building has become very popular of late. With the advent of sites like WordPress, BlogSpot and Moonfruit website creation has become very easy. There have been many people who have created websites in a bid to make some extra cash.  Website creation is only the first Step to building an online business or second income.

In this article I will show you how to avoid the pitfalls and the traps that make your website look like rubbish and how you can transform your site so that it looks more appealing to visitors

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5 Tips On How to Write a Great Blog

You are sitting there with a blank word screen in front of you fingers at the ready but nothing comes to your head. You sit back with writer’s block wondering how you’re going to start your blog. If you are new to this then these tips will help you get started.Article Writing

1 – How Do You Decide What to Write About?

This is the million dollar question and is on every bloggers mind. I am of the opinion you should blog about subjects you are passionate and knowledgeable about because it means you will never run out of topic material and won’t get bored. You also need to ask yourself whether are you in it to make money or do you just want to do it as a hobby. This will determine whether you are prepared to work on other aspects behind the scenes of your blog, such as building a list and developing products and services.

2 – Make Sure You Always Stay on Topic

Don’t go off in 1000 different directions when writing a blog because your readers will get confused and leave. A blogtends to work better when it is based around one particular topic. Of course, the occasional post can be “off topic” but generally speaking, unless you want to write the next ‘wiki’, keep it simple and to the point. If you are in a niche it is acceptable to blog about, review or offer other products as long as they are relevant. For example if you are in health and fitness, blogging about widescreen TVs is unlikely to earn you any affiliate commissions.

3 – Be Informative and Interesting

As a golden rule make sure what you have on your blog is interesting and gives something to the readers. If there is good content then they will come back again and again to read your latest posts. They may also recommend your blog to their friends and share your content through Facebook and Twitter. Do not write long, boring, in-depth essays, keep the content light and break up in-depth information into bite-sized chunks, such as lists or multi-part posts. This will make the content on your blog a much easier read and as long as your visitors are getting something out of it they will be a regular.

4 – Make Sure Your Information is Current

While some subject material you blog about will remain evergreen, it is likely you will need to ensure a lot of what you post is current. This means you must research the information you use and be selective when recycling old articles as you may need to reference some new content to keep it relevant. For example, if you are talking about internet marketing techniques and you research an article that was written five years ago, it is likely you will need to add new information to some of the core principles discussed before publishing.

5 – Make Sure You Post Regularly

Trying to post new content at regular intervals is important to maintaining repeats visitors. Your readers will come to expect new content and if you do not deliver, they will lose interest in you and find other blogs to read.

Take these tips and implement them into your own blogging strategy and you will be able to grow a genuine authority blog in your chosen niche.

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