9 Ways to Make Your Company More Appealing to Job Seekers

attractive for job seekers

How do you make your company more appealing and get qualified job seekers knocking at your door?

With so many people out seeking work in today’s economy, it may seem like you have the pick of the litter. However, with more job seekers, there is more competition to stand out among the dozens of other companies to which these prospective employees are applying. Moreover, you will not only want to attract employees, but you want to attract the right employees.

If you are struggling to find job seekers, or can’t seem to attract the right people for the job, there are steps you can take to sweeten the deal. Below are nine ways you make your company more appealing to job seekers. By applying these tips your business will go from lunchroom loner to head cheerleader in today’s competitive job market.

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1.Cultivate Company Culture

When a prospective employee evaluates your business, he or she is going to consider not only the pay and job description, but also the work environment. In other words, the culture of your company.

Though this may seem like a trivial factor compared to salary or job responsibilities, people like to know that they are going to fit in at their new workplace. This means that you should invest in cultivating a specific company culture that reflects your business values.

For example, if you are a law firm in a city, your culture will probably be one that emphasizes professionalism in speech and dress, a certain degree of individual accountability and reliability, and hard work. Meanwhile, a mobile app development business is likely marked by its younger workforce, more casual atmosphere, and individual creativity. Of course, these are not the same across the board, but you get the idea.

Work Environment Affects Productivity
Carefully consider the kind of work environment you want to foster at your company and the type of people you want to work there. When those two factors are aligned, you will be much more successful in finding the right people for the job.

The kind of culture and environment you create for your company will attract or deter different kinds of employees. 

2.Offer Creative Perks

Sometimes official perks are not financially viable—particularly in smaller businesses. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t attract top quality employees. Instead, you just need to get a little creative.

If you only have one or two office locations, you may have a large corps of employees who commute from farther away. If opening another branch isn’t a possibility, consider providing public transportation discounts, arranging a company carpool, or reimbursing for travel costs.

offer creative perks to the employees

Though you might not be able to provide all the bells and whistles that a larger company could, you can sweeten the deal for job seekers with creative perks.

3.Take Advantage of Location

The old saying, “Location, location, location,” holds true even for job seekers. Not only is the commute important, but employees will be much more interested in a position at a company that is located next to biking trails, for example, than one that is tucked away in an industrial park.

When advertising a position or describing the benefits of working for your company, emphasize the local attractions. Whether you are near the beach, a park, great downtown eateries, or have prime access to the public transportation system, let prospective employees know.

While location is not as important as salary, it may be just enough to tip the scales in your favor when job seekers decide what offer to accept.

4.Give Incentives

People appreciate it when their work is acknowledged or rewarded. Therefore, offer incentives for employees to give their best. An annual company retreat, a reward system based on points accrued for good performance, or even a premier parking spot will boost morale, encourage productivity, and attract prospective employees to your business.

5.Implement Employee Wellness Programs

In today’s world, the office is where most people do their work. This sedentary lifestyle can quickly drain your workers of energy and motivation. Encourage good health and energize your workforce by implementing employee wellness programs.

There are many ways you can do this. Create a wellness committee to plan events, functions, or programs. Make wellness a part of your company culture by offering healthy snacks in your vending machines, setting up bike rides outside the office, or even providing an onsite fitness center.

Your workers will appreciate the opportunities to stay healthy and this culture of wellness will promote a happy, healthy, and productive employee workforce. And what job seeker wouldn’t want to join a company like that?

6.Emphasize Your Company Strengths

Every business has strengths and weaknesses. When trying to attract new employees, make sure to focus on the company strengths. Emphasize the advantages to joining your community and illustrate the good your business does for its customers.

If your business excels in customer service or boasts the happiest employees in your region, market those strengths.

Things to Remember!
A job interview is as much an opportunity for a job seeker to present their case as it is for a company to appeal to the applicant.

While the prospective employee is there to convince you they are the best candidate for the job, it is your job to convince them that your company is the best fit for them. You can do this by highlighting the business’ best qualities. Doing so is key to appealing to potential employees.

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7.Provide Benefits

employee benefits

Where possible, provide your employees with official benefits. Make your benefits package as attractive as possible. People know when they are getting a good deal, so don’t shortchange them with uninspiring benefits.

The more you give to your employee, the more you will get back. Treat your employees with respect and they will reward you with high morale, increased productivity, and a lower turnover rate. When job seekers see this, they will be beating down your door to get the position!


8.Cater to the Needs of the Workforce

Be aware of the current job market and the needs of the workforce. For example, in recent years, gas prices have skyrocketed and the housing market has remained in a lull. Take these trends into account when drafting your salaries, benefits, and overall employment packages.

In a suffering housing market, where most people are unlikely to move, providing a relocation stipend or transportation reimbursement can go a long way in attracting employees.

9.Be Honest

Finally, be honest. No one wants to work for a company they distrust. Moreover, when companies, especially larger corporations, are less than honest with their employees, the employees reward the business with sub-par work.

Lying or otherwise deceptive actions and attitudes are a plague to productivity and workplace morale. Plus, it is highly disrespectful to your employees, who are likely smart and well-educated.

Keep it Respectful and Transparent
Don’t be the condescending, faceless company. Show your employees respect by being honest, communicating directly, and including them in the business process.

Certainly you can’t share everything with all your employees—nor should you. But you ought to be honest with them when it comes to expectations, company actions, and overall treatment. This honesty will foster respect and create a safe and welcoming work environment that any employee would be happy to join.

What benefits do you offer to make your company more appealing?

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