How To Use Social Media to Brand Yourself in a Few Simple Steps

how to use social media to brand yourself

Social media applications are now leading the world. From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter to LinkedIn, there are more than 4 billion users available on these platforms alone. Social media can be the best starting point for someone looking to brand themself. All of our families and friends, including us, spend half of our waking hours scrolling through our favorite content or brand on any social media platform.

It’s hard to find the perfect audience on any one platform, but social media has now provided this luxury to users. Among all these users that are present on any platform, you need to target the ones that find your content exciting or enjoyable.

But all of this is not as easy as it seems, a good brand requires proper marketing and strategies to build itself in front of its viewers.

Remember, you cannot become a brand on social media overnight. This requires hard work and consistency. We are going to discuss a few simple steps of how you can brand yourself on social media.

Understanding your Branding Goals

You should be confident of your aim or objective before starting to brand yourself on social media. This varies from what you are willing to show the audience or what are your areas of expertise. Also, the choice of social media platform depends on your objectives.

For example, if your branding yourself as a makeup artist, then Instagram or Facebook is the social media platform for you. Linkedin might be the perfect platform if you are willing to brand yourself in a specific industry that needs to hire employees. Similarly, if you are a thinker and want your ideas to be delivered, Twitter might be the platform for you.

one need to understand their brand goals

You need to study what platforms excel in which type of content and then take your step. Once you have analyzed your goals and have selected what your brand will promote, you are set to go.

Be Consistent 

No matter what your goal is, being consistent is the first step towards all of it. Consistency is going to be the difference between you and any other brand. It will decide if you will be a top brand, or if you will get lost in the noise. But what does consistency mean?

Your brand should be unique from others so that viewers can recognize you. On all different platforms, your brand should have the same design, logo, layout, etc. You need to portray the same personality of the brand across all platforms. Failing to do so makes it difficult for the user to recognize you on his favorite social media application. You have to be consistent with your posting and characteristics.

Regular posting also falls under being consistent and is extremely necessary when starting out. This makes your content pop up in the viewer’s application, and they start to recognize your brand.

Remember, nobody wants to follow a brand that posts once a week or month.

be consistent

Creating a Consistent Logo

A logo is a great way of creating brand recognition. For example, a user is trying to locate your brand on a different social media website. If your logo is different on Facebook then it is on Instagram, then this will make the user doubtful.

Having the same logo across all your social media applications makes it easier for spectators to find you on all platforms. The logo should be unique and innovative. Uniqueness in a logo also makes your brand stand out from the rest.

Quality Images

An image is very crucial in brand development. It can engage an audience that is worth more than 1000s of words. Viewers are always attracted to high-quality images when an image is right; spectators pause to appreciate it.

According to a study, an image on Twitter gets 1.5x more retweets than a tweet without image. Similarly, Facebook is known to have 2.3x more engagement on a post that has a picture attached to it. This proves how important pictures are for branding.

quality images in social media posting

Posting pictures is a great way to stay in touch with your users. It is not always necessary to post regarding your product. For example, how long can someone post about watches? Users enjoy viewing the lifestyles of the brands that they follow. A picture of you jumping on a trampoline or having dinner at a landmark might give you an image as a peer for the spectators.

Be “Social” on Social Media

What does “be social” on social media mean? Fans or audiences love to show their emotions towards the brands they trust or the content they love. Reaching back to the audience with a response is a great way to make yourself a recognizable brand across social media.

For example, retweeting users regarding their comments on the tweet or replying to some feedback can do wonders. Spectators enjoy following responsive brands. When the user feels that the brand is hearing their voice, they think of themselves as part of a family.

Replying to criticism or love portrays an image of your brand as someone who cares for their audience. Like we love staying around people we love, the viewers would love to stay connected with your brand. They would recommend you to their friends, which will significantly enhance your speed towards being a recognizable brand.

Be part of the Discussions

Be part of the Discussions

Take part in discussions voluntarily. Users on a discussion appreciate accounts that make valuable points. So, if you are an insightful thinker joining discussions or groups can do wonders for your brand. Spectators might want to visit a brand that can provide meaningful arguments in a group of their interest.

Reach out to Influencers

Influencers are great teachers and tools to get seen among audiences. But why would an influencer want to collaborate with you? Building relationships with influencers in your niche is crucial.

In the early stages, try engaging on influencer’s content to have yourself seen among the audiences as well as the influencer. Keep analysis of what they are doing different than your brand and how the audience is reacting to it. Learning from influencers of common interest is like learning from the best.

Once you have a connection with one or more influencers, try collaborating to have your brand seen among the viewers of the influencers. The audience trusts an individual more than they trust any brand on social media platform.

Quality is not an act; it is a Habit

Diversity in your content and its quality decides if your brand will be recognized or not. Content is the most important thing that users are looking for. But there are hundreds of competitors out there; why would anyone want to view your content?

This is where the quality of content kicks in. Do not just share things for the sake of posting them—research what your audience likes and how they enjoy it. Content can take your brand to the stars in a short amount of time. Jay Bear best describes content as “content is fire.” Social media is gasoline.”

The more quality content you put into your brand, the bigger the fire is going to be. Another option for portraying quality is posting a couple of videos. People love having something shown to them in a practical application.

be engaged on social media

Engagement Through Questioning

Questions are a great way to light a spark among your audience. Questions receive much more engagement than a normal post. Users enjoy answering questions that are tricky or challenging. Most would tag their friends in for help. This greatly enhances your brand recognition.

Social Media algorithms work in a way that brands with more engaging posts are shown at the top. This way, new users tend to check on your brand, and eventually, due to the amazing content, would regularly stay in touch.

Update profiles Regularly

Keep your accounts on all social media updated regularly. Users on a specific social media application should not feel that they are left behind. It is normal to get more recognition at first in a particular social media application. This does not mean that the brand would not be recognized on other platforms.

It is pivotal to keep updating your accounts that are not drawing too much attention initially. Everything works with the flow. Remember, the more you are visible and updated on all the platforms, the more your brand gets recognized.

Here is an interesting infographic about the importance of branding.

branding report


These are some of the ways of how you can use social media to brand yourself. Remember that authenticity goes a long way. If you are original on social media regarding your brand, you will go a very long way. Viewers tend to notice unauthenticity eventually. So, be original and make yourself a brand.



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