Internet Website Traffic Tips: Using RSS To Dominate Google

internet website traffic tips

Internet website traffic, as you know, is an absolute must. No website traffic equals absolutely no results. To get results, (which is why you built a website in the first place) you need visitors, and visitors are brought to your site by traffic. So, you know you must master traffic generation. Added to that, you know you need to work on your conversions. You need, not just traffic, but increasing targeted web traffic.

So, the question then changes to “How?” “What’s the best way to get website traffic?” That, my friend, is a million dollar question. Ask it a hundred times, and you’ll get a hundred different answers. And, that is the reason (or, at least, one reason) why people stumble at traffic generation. For example: did you baulk at my title?

You might have tried to rank in Google, but struggled. Most people know very little about RSS feeds. So, this tactic I am about to share with you, is very much overlooked. But, that’s a mistake. This could get you onto page one of Google, the same day. Plus, it’s very easy to do.

Getting Internet website traffic with RSS feeds:

1. Step one is to see whether your site already has an RSS feed. If it’s a blog, particularly a WordPress blog, it will. If it’s a standard static HTML website, it probably won’t.

2. Step two can be ignored if your site has an RSS feed. Otherwise, take your website URL and add it to

3. Step three is where you now take your RSS feed (either from your built-in feed, or from Feedity) and post it in, what are called, RSS aggregators.

Go to:,,,,, or

Note: This tactic will not work with other RSS aggregators! Also, this will work much better if you choose a keyword phrase with less than 50,000 competing results in Google exact match search. Also, you’ll need to optimize your webpage for the keyword phrase.


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