7 Important Tips to Overcome Business Start-Up Fears

If you want to start your own business but can’t quite overcome your fears, there are steps you can take to make sure you stay financially stable and sane during your transition. Here are some pointers for launching your business while keeping your stress levels at a minimum.

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1. Keep Your Day Job

Before you launch your business full time, you can always start setting it up as a sideline. If you have the drive to work two jobs for a short period of time, you will be able to better assess how well your business will support you once you leave your current position.

By the time you are ready to be self-employed full time, you will already have a steady client base and regular customers. This can drastically reduce your stress.

2. Sock Away a Nest Egg

If financial worries top your list of fears, having a nest egg laid away can help you sleep at night. Your nest egg should only be tapped if your business has failed and you are looking for another employer. Do not touch it for any other reason. If you have a mortgage to pay and children to feed, having this nest egg set aside can make launching a business much less stressful.

nest egg

Aim to keep six months worth of normal expenses in your nest egg. It will take time to save it, but it will ease your anxiety tremendously.

3. Go In with a Partner

Pooling resources to launch a business can be very successful. If you and a trusted friend are experts in a particular field, it makes sense to go in together to form a firm. Make sure that your goals are clear and your accounting is fully open to everyone with a stake in the company. 

4. Have Your Family On Board

Having the support of your family is essential for launching a business. If you are married and have children, your spouse may need to take over more of the parenting and household chores while you launch your business.

family is important

Even if you are single, your parents and siblings may need to understand you may miss birthday parties or need to duck out of the holiday festivities a little early this year.

5. Draw Up a Schedule

Many new business owners work too many hours at first, which can cause health problems. Set up a work schedule that works for you and resolve to keep to it. Do not allow your new venture to overtake every aspect of your life.

Take Care of your Health
If you play sports or work out at the gym, schedule the time to keep up with it. The same goes for family time and time to relax.

6. Don’t Borrow Against Your House

Some people will take out money from their home equity line of credit to finance a new business. If the business fails, the home is now in danger of being foreclosed if the loan payment isn’t met each month.

It is a far better idea to use a small business loan or to sell extras such as your second car or your boat to get start up capital.

7. Set a Deadline for Solvency

Whether you give your business six months or two years to make money, you need to know how long you will try before closing. Some small business owners allow their dream to languish far too long and can’t see when the venture has completely failed. Knowing ahead of time how long you will give the business to turn a profit is essential to your business plan.

These seven tips will help you overcome some of your fears about launching your own business.

By keeping them in mind, you will feel less stressed and more in control of your new business. A small business should consider getting a fast cash advance online when facing short-term financial emergency.

Are you prepared to overcome your business fears?

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