Top 10 Blog Posts of 2012 to Learn About Marketing Your Business


Top Ten Blog Posts of 2012 to Learn About MarketingWant to learn about the top business & marketing strategies of 2012?

This weeks blog post and also the last one for the year will help you learn about various business strategies like Backlinking, Blogging, Branding, Email Marketing, Networking, Leadership and Social Media.

It’s a lot to take in in one visit, so make sure you bookmark this page, it will definitely come in handy as you start 2013.

Here we go, here are the 10 Blog Posts of 2012 to learn about business and marketing.


1. 9 Email Marketing Tips to Turn Your Keyboard into an ATM Machine

9 Email Marketing Tips to Turn Your Keyboard into an ATM MachineWhether you are growing a brick and motor business or an online business you should have a database of your clients and prospects contact details. In online marketing, we say your list is your asset. Once you build a list you can turn it in to cash on demand. There are many marketers who do this,  while the remaining 95% are wondering how you do it.



100 Books to Inspire Leadership and Create Movers and Shakers

Lead or followNot everyone is a leader. Most people don’t want to lead. Not truly. A leader sacrifices, as opposed to a tyrant who crushes. Think back to the greatest leaders of all time.  They all sacrificed and suffered, but it was for a greater good that they took those risks.

A few leaders are born. They are the exception. Most leaders are made.   They set their minds on something greater and didn’t rest until they achieved it.   If you are one of these, then this list is for you.



8 Tasty Blogging Tips

Blogging TipsBlogging is probably one of the easiest ways to get a presence online. So easy in fact that you could have a blog up and running within 10 minutes and all for free. But this is just the beginning and there are many more bridges you have to cross before you can have a successful blog website.


4. Top Social Bookmarking Sites for Backlinks

Top Social Bookmarking SitesSocial bookmarking sites have become increasingly popular these days as people tend to be more open to sharing their likes to either friends, family or even to the public. Bookmarking is simply tagging your favorite sites and sharing them to others on the web. A social bookmarking site allows those websites you like to be tagged, categorized and organized. These bookmarked sites can also be used by others to add to their compilation and again, share with others.


5. 30 Inspiring Marketing Quotes from the Top Branding Experts

30 Inspiring Marketing Quotes from Top Blog GurusWith inbound marketing quickly gaining recognition as the most innovative and cost effective form of marketing for business, plenty of people have something to say on the subject. So we’ve carefully selected the best 30 quotes from the world’s greatest branding experts, marketing thinkers and creatives to save you time.

Here’s what the top branding gurus have to say on the subject:


6. 7 Business Tax Deductions You Don’t Know About

7 Business Tax Deductions You Don't Know AboutThese days, more professionals are shifting from the role of full-time employee to freelancer, a movement that some refer to as a gig economy. If you have freelance income to report by U.S. tax day (Apr. 17), your taxes will be more involved than your colleagues’, who only have W-2 forms.

Whether this is your first year self-employed, or you’re an experienced entrepreneur, freelancing comes with a whole new set of tax issues. But you can still find plenty of opportunities to cut your tax bill.


7. 8 Super Powerful Social Media Marketing Tips for Business

Social Media Tips BusinessMarketing and Advertisement are the two major key factors which ensure success of any business concern, big or small. Where large businesses have enough floating capital to invest with, small businesses with their limited resources, do not have much options. Like a sign of relief, and an oasis in a desert, the launch and introduction of the social media networking chain has imparted enough opportunities to these business units, with limited scale of operation, to increase their revenue earning capacity, and thereby incur profits and success in their line of dealings.


8. 7 Pinterest Clones To Expand Your Social Media Empire

Attack of the Pinterest ClonesSo with Pinterest’s wild success in social media during the last half of 2011 and continuing through this year 2012, you knew some “Pinterest Clones” were going to have to find there way into the social media market. And without fail they have. 7 of them have gained some popularity and actually have decent sized user bases.


9. 20 Productivity Tips for Small Business

Productivity Tips for Small Business

Keeping a small business flourishing in a bad economy often proves to be a difficult task. Are you searching for ways to make your business more productive? Being an owner of a small business in this day and time often means working long hours and finding promising solutions to problems that threaten to sink the business.


10. The Golden Rules of Successful Business Networking

Successful Business NetworkingSome people just have the habit of giving their business card to anyone they meet in a social gathering. This is not among the most prudent practices. The fact is that you should give your business card to someone only when you have a conversation with the person and that person will be interested to follow up. 


As we say good bye to 2012, it’s important to implement what you’ve learned in this post into your own business.  You need to take plenty of notes, prepare a business plan and take action.

Massive, massive action !!

From all of these great blog posts, what did  you learn about?

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