6 Tricks To Make More Money from Your Blog


The right people offering their advice on how to make money from your blog will lead you through all the tried, tested and traditional methods of selling advertising space – acting as an affiliate for other web sites, Google Adsense, linking and more. All are necessary and worthwhile but before any of these ideas are able to bear fruit you must get traffic to your blog.

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You can have the most beautiful blog page in the world full of ads and links but if nobody gets to see it the whole effort is worthless. Due to the sheer number of blogs being written around the world every day it is only reasonable to expect that the vast majority of these go unread.

The secret therefore has to be how to get people to your blog in the first place. Once they’re there it is up to you to have written your blog in such a way that it will keep your visitors engaged.

Your blog headline will have covered the subject matter sufficiently to draw your readers’ attention to the content. From there on you have to hold their interest right through to the end. Once enlightened by the new information you have imparted, your blog will encourage your reader subscribe to future blog posts, or at least bookmark your site for future reference. If you can get enough people to do this you will be successful.

Some people have found the secret to getting people to read their blogs and they have gone on to experience considerable success on the internet. Others have continued struggling and eventually given the whole dream away.

If you are one of those still seeking success, the following six ideas could help you on your way to make money from your blog:

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1. Selling Your Brand

Recognition is a big thing in any industry. If your blog is just run of the mill it will remain run of the mill and as a consequence become buried through the sheer number of other blogs out there. Your particular blog must stand out and this means it must reflect your own recognizable brand. Your own distinctive brand logo will comfortably sit within your readers’ minds.

tee shirt

For instance if you see an apple with a bite taken from it, you instantly think of Apple computers. That is what branding is and that is what you must aim for. Once you have decided on your brand logo you can go to Cafepress.com to sell it. This is a site that produces T-shirts, hand bags, and any type of merchandise you can think of on anything useful that can bare a logo of some description. Once you have your T-shirt ready, promote it on your blog and sell it to your visitors.

2. Join Other Bloggers

It is a lonely life out there sitting at your computer writing all those good blogs. This need not be so true if you take the time to join up with other bloggers. Working with other bloggers can be good fun and you could learn a lot at the same time.

It is selling your skills for a little income while you yourself learn more about the business of blogging. There are many sites looking for online bloggers. You could even finish up building a network of your own with you being the one doing the hiring.

3. Consulting Online

If you are an expert in your particular field and this is what your blogs are portraying, you could open yourself up to doing consulting work. You could start with charging a small price to cover your time and effort and build this up as demand grows. This is known as long term thinking. There is no better place to start promoting this service than on your own blog.

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4. Donations

PayPal have an offer that bloggers should consider seriously. That is in the ability to add a donate button to your blog.  

This button links to a payment service on the PayPal site. It encourages people who have appreciated what you have imparted to them on your blog to send in a donation to help you pay your way.

5. Make Your Blog an eBook

If your regular blogs have been giving important information about a certain subject you could put it altogether as an eBook and sell it from your blog as well as through your affiliate network. It would be a great service to your subscribers.

To do this you must be an expert in whatever subject you have been discussing and the eBook must be worth purchasing.

6. Publish a Real Book

Why stop at a blog and ebook? Why not go all the way and put it all on paper and publish it as a real life hard copy book? A book with an attractive cover, complete with your logo brand, will go a long way in having you accepted as an expert in your particular field. Once you have reached that status you will be tasting success and making even more money from your blog. Below is an example of such book

download free instagram book

Which of these tricks will you use to make more money from your blog?

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About the Author: Kristy Ramirez is a freelance personal finance writer for the money saving website, Life Insurance Finder.


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