4 Mistakes Not to Make When Guest Blogging [INFOGRAPHIC]


Guest blogging can serve as a great tool for getting your content out to the masses, but only when done with quality in mind.

When guest blogging goes badly you can make a negative name for yourself among the readers you are targeting, potentially sullying your name throughout a niche and making it that much more difficult to get and keep readers in the future.

When submitting an article for publication as a guest blogger, there are four mistakes in particular that you simply cannot make. In no particular order, they are:

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1. Don’t copy content of any kind

Old, stale content is not only unappealing to your readers but presents potential difficulties with search engines, not to mention the owners of the content being copied. Even rewriting should be avoided; the only way to guarantee a unique textual offering is to ensure that every word presented has been written from scratch.

2. Don’t be a sloppy editor

All the effort in the world put into your initial writing can’t save you if you don’t meticulously edit your work. Spelling errors, awkward sentence structure and lack of reading flow can all easily convince your visitors to find another website to visit.

3. Don’t go overboard with hyperlinks

Backlinks pointing to your site are necessary but multiple links most definitely are not. Use your article to convince your readers that they should visit and give them a single, clear channel to do so; leave the rest up to them.

4. Don’t leave your article raw and unformatted

Your host will almost certainly want your article to be formatted into HTML and you should take the initiative to do that for them. Being a guest blogger with that extra eye for detail will only make you that much more appealing the next time a guest article spot is available.

Guest Blogging Quality Checklist

Are you writing quality guest blogging content that drives traffic?

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About the Author: The guest post quality assurance flow chart is courtesy of Ann Smarty from My Blog Guest, the community of guest bloggers that preaches “quality” approach to guest posting.


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