Building Trust: The Difference Between Your Business Success or Failure


Building trust is vital for business in both the online and offline world.

It is a primary element for success. Establishing trust is especially important for online businesses. However, accomplishing this goal is not easy.

Currently, it is a snap to go online, create a website for little to nothing, and attempt to sell any sort of merchandise or service you would like. However, to be profitable and achieve success is something else completely. For that, it is necessary to gain people’s trust.

Trust and credibility go hand in hand. Establishing credibility is an obstacle all its own. It is even more difficult for online business owners due to the absence of in person communications. Potential clients frequently operate on some level of distrust and suspicion because of unfavorable exploits with online swindlers.

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In simple terms, to increase online sales, you must build your credibility in order to gain people’s trust. If you fail to do this, then people will not conduct business with you. There are many ways to build credibility and trust. Here are some of the best.

Customer Service

Top notch customer service is a key element toward building trust and credibility. In fact, customer service is the most important part of your business. You need customers in order to succeed. Profits are generated by selling your merchandise or services to people who want or need them. Customers desire to know how your products or services can improve their lives.

Therefore, it is important that anything you do fulfills the wants or needs of your customers. Always put the needs of the customer first. Some websites lose site of this fact, caught up in site design, SEO, content overload, etc. Successful sites always keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to build trust, not a website. Whenever a situation arises, consider the wishes of the customer, as well as the effect on the business, before making a decision. Treat every customer as an individual and with respect.


Creating a strong brand is significant to building trust and credibility. This is accomplished with a precise brand strategy. Your brand should be inspirational and special to consumers.

Well known internet businesses such as eBay and iTunes are thought to be credible as they are established brands. In addition, these companies have had many satisfying and successful customer interactions. New online businesses should strive to build the same level of brand recognition. 

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Think about what eBay, Apple, Amazon, etc. have done to establish that trust. All of these companies at some point in time posted significant losses. They have endured by staying focused on the customer, delivering consistent customer service and building that enduring brand loyalty (aka trust).

Provide Valuable and Objective Information

The internet is both interactive and flexible. This makes it possible for individuals to use it as a tool for collecting information on countless topics.

Unfortunately, the majority of information available online is not objective. Some sites share information from a one sided perspective. It is hard to determine the credibility of a website as there is no face to face communication or any of the other clues that are present in the real world.

what is valuable information

To gain credibility and trust, you must be certain that all information displayed on your site is objective and straightforward. Information sources and the credentials of the responsible individuals should be openly displayed and sustainable.

Site Design

Typically, users stay on a web page for only a short period of time. It is for this reason that you need more than just quality information. First, you must have a site that appears professional. When choosing your web design, it is necessary to consider how its appearance will influence visitors. A professional looking site will be regarded as credible.

The first impression is most important. Your site design needs to enthrall, hook and convince visitors to stay on your site longer.

Make Your Site User Friendly

Creating a site that is user friendly also helps to build credibility. Information should be well organized, thereby making navigation simple and easy. This is especially important for online stores since your customers need to be able to find the merchandise in order to purchase it. Also, good information structure shows expertise which adds to credibility.

Create a Blog

A great way to build online trust is to become an authority in your niche. One way to accomplish this is to incorporate an active and relevant blog on your site and post in it often. The blog reaches potential customers by supplying information. It demonstrates to visitors that you are knowledgeable about your products or services and passionate about your business. It puts your visitors at ease so that they feel safe doing business with you.

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In addition, you will be able to communicate directly with potential customers by responding to comments and questions they leave on blog post. In this way, you will create fresh connections and a company voice.

First time visitors will see a professional site and an active blog. This will provide them with a sense of security about purchasing your services or merchandise, as it shows that you are active in your market.

Social Networking

Social networking is one of the best ways to build online trust. Social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook, are places where you can find new customers, share your views, and directly interact with visitors to your site.

From a professional standpoint, owning a few social networking profiles is very good. However, in order for them to do any good, you must remain active in them. It is necessary to keep connected within these places and interact with others often.

Reviews and Testimonials

Another method for building trust is to display customer’s testimonials and reviews on your site. In addition, it is important to get testimonials and reviews on major networks like Twitter or Facebook.

testimonials page

By convincing visitors to place feedback for you on sites other than your own, you simultaneously build backlinks and trust. Reviews of your product or services, left on sites other than your own, appear to be more reliable to potential customers.

A good way to get customers to leave such reviews is to send a basic follow up email that thanks the customer for buying your product or service, and that you would appreciate it if they would leave a review at the provided links. Make sure you include links to Facebook, Google +, and so on in the email.

How are you building trust with your customers?

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About the Author: David Nance works with EverSpark Interactive, an Atlanta SEO company that specializes in helping clients build trust online.


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