How to Design a Home Office for Your Online Business

How to Design a Home Office for Your Online Business

Setting Yourself Up For Success

When asked, cite two optimum career situations: working for yourself and to work from home. Because of this, running your own online business can seem like a dream job, but many people overlook the challenges that working at home and working for yourself can present. Despite being essential to its long-term success, proper office setup is an often overlooked aspect to starting a home business. Comfort, organization, and other less obvious factors effect your productivity, but when you’re working from home, there’s no boss to come in and tell you to get back on task. Whether you’re just getting started, or feel like your already established business could use a kick in the pants to reach that next level, consider implementing these key elements to a successful home office.

Location Is Everything

Choose a space away from the main living space, especially if you don’t live alone, to avoid distractions. Avoid the temptation to place your work-space in your bedroom. Rolling out of bed and into your desk sounds like fun, but quickly becomes disheartening. What should be a relaxing space quickly becomes the room that you spend most of your life in, creating a cell-like atmosphere.

home office location

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A Place For Everything and Everything In It’s Place.

Ergonomics aren’t just for furniture. Certainly, you’ll want to invest in a great chair, but also consider what you’ll be doing day to day. Make sure the location of your shelves and files are at arms length. A larger desk will allow for desktop shelving, maximizing space. Getting up and away from your desk ever time you need something not only wastes time, but serves to break concentration.

Pop the Social Media Sphere.

Social media is now the prime distractions for workers at a computer. An hour can quickly slip away if you’re not careful, and that’s an hour you could have spent building your business. Of course, running an online business means you can’t disconnect from the internet, but there are ways to force yourself into productivity. Some software out there will block most websites for a set number of hours, or just block social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

social media sphere

If your online marketing includes social media, this isn’t an option, but try to only log into your professional account during business hours. Check out Cold Turkey as a first step.

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The Whole Body Workspace.

A healthy lifestyle is essential when working from home. Doctors recommend taking a short walk once an hour when working at a desk, but as mentioned above, this can be distracting for many. Running your own business often means working long hours, leaving little time for the gym. If you find that is the case for you, try fitting your workstation with exercise equipment. Yoga balls, instead of a traditional chair, isn’t just good for the lower back; some school classrooms have begun using them and found they drastically improve focus because it lets the sitter shift and bounce as they work. 

Liven It Up.

The beauty of a home office is that you can create the environment that most inspires you. A view, warm colors, fun or cherished knick-knacks; whatever it is that will keep your spirits uplifted through the day should be your office companions. Plants are a great way to breathe some life into your surroundings as well.

Home office with plants

How have you designed your home office for maximum productivity?

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