Product Reviews Gone Wild: 7 Tips to Avoid Writing Bad Reviews


Are you constantly writing bad reviews every day? If you can’t catch your readers attention, it means that you’re writing a bad review. Do you know what a good review looks like? Good reviews can motivate your readers to buy the product.

It is written specifically to raise the interest level of your readers so that at the end of the review article, the readers feel that they must take action immediately.

Here are 7 tips to avoid writing bad reviews:

1. Avoid placing bad photos or videos along with your review

Photos and videos are your asset to boost your review’s attraction. Your review will become easier to read if you include some photos and videos inside. However, you cannot include any kind of photo or video. Bad photos and videos will hurt your review. They will not help your review get better. What are examples of bad photos and videos?

They are photos that are irrelevant with your review, and also videos that are not related with your review. Complimentary photos and videos are the best media that you can include.

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2. Take care of your first paragraph

The first paragraph of your review is your charm. How you engage with your readers and add more interest to the product will be determined on how well your first paragraph is. So, write the first paragraph of your review as interesting as possible.

first paragraph

3. Do not wander from your focus

Your focus is your product and your readers, not yourself. If you want to share personal information about the product, you can do it. But, keep your focus. Don’t tell them about yourself too much. Keep your review focused on talking about the product and your readers.

4. Give as much information as possible about the product

Your readers are craving more information about the product. They will not buy the product until they understand enough about it. Yes, most people are feeling insecure before buying any product. The questions in their mind are generally: “Should I buy this product?” “What if the product doesn’t work for me?” “This product seems good, but it is not popular. Should I trust this product? Should I use it?” To eliminate their insecurity, you have to give as much information as possible about the product.

product information

5. Do not stop your readers’ step

When you’ve done writing a good review but fail to give your readers the next step to take, you will lose many sales from it. Why? Your readers usually don’t have a clue about where to buy the product and what the price of the product is. If you just write a review and not give your readers some information about where to buy the product and the price of the product, you are stopping their step to buy the product. Make them know where they can buy it and the price they must pay in order to get the it.

where to buy a product

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6. Help your readers to decide

Give your readers some help to decide whether the product is good for them or not. Inform your readers about the positive aspects and how they can benefit from the product. Your goal is to make your readers think: “Yes, this product is great, as I thought. I’ll buy this one.”

7. Give your own opinion about the product

At the end of your review, inform your readers about your side. Are you opposing the product or supporting the product? Give your opinion about the product based on your personal experience. How did the product make your life easier? Tell your readers why you’d like to recommend this product to them.

If you implement the tips above, you’ll be able to avoid writing a bad review for the products you promote. Remember, if you decide to write a review, craft your review as good as possible. Don’t let it to become a bad review, a review that doesn’t attract the interest of your readers.

How will these tips help you avoid writing bad reviews?

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