How to Get Valuable Backlinks to Your Website

MoneyTo get your site at the top of search engine rankings, you should make sure you have a significant number of one-way inbound links from highly ranked and reputable websites. The following are verified search engine optimization methods that are highly recommended for your website or blog. Please note that some of these methods require some basic web knowledge, a little research and some patience.

1. Post Articles on Free Blogs

You will receive backlinks to your site every time you post a new article on popular free blogs. Blogging is an easy and recommended method of creating valuable back links to your website. Your visitors can subscribe to your RSS feeds and receive regular alerts from your blog whenever the blog is updated. In addition, each RSS feed subscribed to is a free inbound link to your website.

2. Post Articles on Popular Forums

Registering on multiple popular and free forums is another method recommended for getting great backlinks. It is very vital though to offer comments on forums about topics closely related to the theme, target audience and category as your website. As you comment, it is good practice to insert and hyperlink keywords found on your site. Always remember to choose forums that make provision for hyperlinks in your profile signature and in your comments. The next step is to ensure that these hyperlinks do not apply the “rel=nofollow” rule. In such cases, these forums are a waste of efforts at search engine optimization. Check to see if the forum is highly ranked and highly trafficked. The higher the rank/traffic of the forum, the more valuable the inbound link is to search engines. Strong inbound links will enhance your search engine ranking and result in more traffic to your site.

3. Submit Unique Articles to Article Directories

This is a crucial method of inbound linking. If you can write simple articles about topics, then your site will benefit much by submitting your posts to article directories. However, use only article directories that are credible, conform to optimization rules and do not apply the “rel=nofollow” rule. The idea is to write about subjects that don’t become stale or expire. Examples of constantly recycled articles are those on sex and relationships, money and finance. Ideally, the length of articles should be between 400 to 700 words. Most articles you submit will have an author bio section with a link to your website.

4. Submit Articles to Social Bookmarks

Social bookmarks are the latest discovery in search engine marketing. They are free and used frequently for content building on numerous websites. Many major portals use them to get their videos, images and articles distributed to a wide range of web users. A major benefit of social bookmarks is that when submitted, your articles are indexed by search engines faster than just waiting for spiders to crawl your index pages and site. Each submission creates a useful inbound link.

If you follow these methods, you will see a significant turnaround in search engine rank and traffic in a short moment.

What strategies do you use for creating backlinks to your site? Leave your comments below.

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