How To Build a Brand as Big as Apple – David Brier Interview – Episode #1

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If you model yourself after Apple’s business, even you could build a brand like them. The only question that remains is, how do you build a brand?

Enter David Brier, Branding Guru.

About Our Guest, David Brier:
David is a highly sought-after branding expert working with small to medium sized businesses and cities on tourism branding.

brand intervention by david breir

For over 3 decades, David has created brands for some of the most recognized companies in the world including New York City Ballet, Revlon, Charlie Perfume, Estee Lauder, the New York Times Magazine and Rolling Stone magazine, to name a few.

– He is the author of Defying Gravity and Rising Above The Noise and the popular eBook, The Lucky Brand.

– David is also a very popular Fast Company Expert Blogger and has a series of extremely popular Slideshare presentations including What’s Killing Your Brand and Brand Leaders & Sex: The Untold Story. For more information on how to build a brand, check out an online international business degree to find classes that can teach you how David was able to successfully strengthen the brands of some of the many multinational companies he handles. 

Connect with David Brier (Let him know you saw his interview on Learn About TV):

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What did you learn from David Brier that will help you build a brand?

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