10 Ways to Wow Your Customers


Words to live by: If you don’t wow your customers, someone else will.

Most businesses do not realize it is pretty easy to make your customers happy. Simple things can go a long way, but even when you have upset them, you should know you still have the ability to set things right, win back their confidence and make them happy again – I’ve seen it happen many times. So keep that in mind when sifting through this list of ways to wow your customers.

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Be on time

Whether it is to a appointment with your clients or the project or service itself. Especially make sure projects and services get done in an agreed upon time frame.

Follow up with your customers

Follow up with your customers well after they received your service or product. Give them a call, send them an email or even a letter to see how they are doing and if they need anything.

Pick the right customers

Pick the right customers with which to do business with. Having the right customers can make your job easier and therefore more likely that they will enjoy the services you offer.

Use prompt communication with your customers

When you first get a message from a customer immediately answer their communication. I’ve had some potential costumers choose my company to do business with just because I quickly get back to them. They knew they could reach out to me, and I would be there.

Provide High Quality Service

Make sure the project and services you provide are of high quality. No one wants a cheesy pen that spills ink all over you, but a personalized executive pen would raise an eyebrow.

Make it Faster

Find ways to make the service you provide faster. Sometimes you have to be a bit inventive, but there are usually many ways to increase your productivity.

Study your Clients

Study your clients before engaging with them. When you know a client’s background, it’s easier to understand what they want and to make ensure they get it.

Medium of Communication

Use proper english when speaking and writing to your client. Do a spell check and grammar check before you send those emails :).

Relevancy is Important

Only send promotional offers and marketing to clients that qualify for them. Don’t try sending a postcard about ice scrapers to someone in Florida who has never seen snow.

Be Fair with Invoices and Pricing

Make sure you are 100% accurate on invoices and pricing before you send it to your clients. That’s one sure way to get a customer angry or frustrated. If you do accidentally send them the wrong amount, you can correct that by offering to honor it or immediately letting them know the mistake. For example, I had a client who I sent the wrong amount to, told them this and said I would honor it anyways. They thanked me for my honesty and then said it was okay to go with the real price!

If this list seems overwhelming, start by picking out the easiest tips to apply. Follow that by working your way around the list applying what remains. If you get all of these tips applied you’ll be well on your way to having some happy customers!

What is the first way your going to wow your customers?

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