The Perfect Way to Improve Link Popularity


The Perfect Way to Improve Link Popularity

Experts these days have been sweating day and night to master the techniques of increasing their site’s page ranks through search engine optimization. Whether it refers to social bookmarks, bulk emails to potential candidates or creating links all around the internet through blogs, link exchanges and forums etc.

The ongoing process of SEO is however enhancing with various techniques also never thought of before. However simultaneously the search engines that use their crawlers and spiders to spread across the internet are also becoming aware of the loopholes many try to gain advantage of. However they too use more smart tactics to understand which websites are eligible for better rankings and high PR in their datacenters.

Another such algorithm that these search engines have started paying more heed to is known as link popularity and link analysis.

Link popularity as the name suggests making a particular link (usually of one’s own website) to be as popular as can be.

These links can only be popular if they appear on a lot of sites.

The other important aspect to making maximum links around the internet refers to link analysis. Search engines not only see the number of links, but how they are made, are they genuine or which websites they originate from. Fortunately there seem to exist numerous ways which can help you gain link popularity and become another one of the personal favorites of many search engines.

How to get attention of major search engines through link popularity:

1. Prepare your own site for convenience of the visitors, have easy navigation and make sure that there are no broken links or functions that still need to be completed and tested. If this is not the case, search engines may not index your pages appropriately and no one would want to exchange links with you.

2. Never dream of getting popular overnight as link building should be an ongoing and steady process. Have realistic goals and this would also distract the search engines while you operate with gaining more traffic.

3. Try to get links and link exchanges from moderately reputed organizations as getting associated with link farms would aversely impact your growth and it would not be advisable to ask the Microsoft website to provide links for you while you put theirs. Always try to connect with the other parties and give them complete HTML coding so that even a novice can simply copy paste and put up your content correctly just as you wish.

4. Directory listings like the yellow pages, yahoo directory and the DMOZ Open project can be very beneficial. Try to make as many directory submissions as you can especially of the area that you wanted to target the most.

5. Publishing and submitting articles to well known article directories written by experts or people who have knowledge relevant to the particular field would have amazing results. But most importantly never forget to make a citation or footer at the end of your article with a relevant link pointing to your own site.

How will you use these tips to improve your link popularity?

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