5 Simple Steps to Convert Visitors to Customers (and Keep Them Coming Back!)

5 Simple Steps to Convert Visitors to Customers (and Keep Them Coming Back!)

There are two main reasons why your website is failing. The first is a lack of visitors; the second is failing to convert these visitors into customers. If your hit count is good but you’re still struggling to secure that all important sale, it can be down to a limp landing page.

There are a number of reasons why you’re landing page isn’t quite up to scratch.

Here are five simple steps to convert those visitors into customers…and keep them coming back.


1) Hard Hitting Headlines

Grab your visitors’ attention with hard hitting headlines. Ask a question, give a fact, or offer them insider information. Lure them in with a snappy and interesting headline and coherent copy that will keep them on your site.

If you’re landing page is dull as dishwater and your copy – even if it’s a simple welcome message – bores Internet users to tears they’re not going to stay on your site. If they don’t stay on your site, they don’t buy from you.

Keep it short, sweet and interesting. Regularly update any copy that’s on your website so there’s something new for returning visitors. If you’re offering new and interesting information, people will come back.

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2) Nail the Navigation

Keep your website navigation as simple and clean as possible. If it takes your visitor a long time to find what they’re looking for, they’ll find that little red ‘exit’ button in a flash. Your competitors are only a click away.

Use clear and simple anchor text for both internal and external links. If you’re linking to an external page, open it in a new window so your customers stay on your website too. Don’t send them away unintentionally. Make it easy for them and they’re much more likely to explore.

navigation menu
A good example of Navigation Menu from our header

Don’t assume that everyone that visits your website is computer literate. Guide them to where you want them to be, something which is especially important in terms of eCommerce web design. If your pages are easy to navigate people are more likely to stay on your site. If they stay, they’re more likely to buy.

3) Keep it Consistent

Choose a design for your website that reflects you as a business. Keep it clean, interesting and easy to access. Whatever design you choose, keep it consistent across the entire website. This helps your visitors browse the website and ultimately find the all important ‘purchase’ page. If they’re comfortable using your website, they’re more likely to buy.

keep it consistent

The same goes for your copy and designs. Keep your colour scheme, logos and tone of voice regular throughout the website. Establishing a clear brand identity and a voice that visitors can relate to makes you more trustworthy. Visitors become customers when they trust you.

4) Big Up Your Brand

Let your visitors know why you’re the best. Remind them who and what you are with a clear and consistent corporate brand identity. Use testimonials from past customers to display just how good you are. This makes you more trustworthy, and a good choice to buy from.

Big up the benefits of buying with you over your competitors. Give your visitors clear cut reasons why they should buy with you and they’re more likely too.

Speak It Louder
If you offer free delivery, or promise to have the goods on their doorstep the next day tell people. Just make sure you can live up to these promises. We’re all looking for the cheapest, quickest or easiest way to do something. If this is something you offer then make sure it’s plain to see. People won’t know unless you tell them.

5) Entice Them With Incentives

Everyone loves a freebie. You can offer an exclusive discount to Facebook or Twitter followers, a ‘members only’ area with extra goods or a free gift when you spend a certain amount. We love to get something for nothing so when you can give back.

If you can’t afford to all the time, occasional offers are a great way to turn visitors into customers. A flash sale, 2 hour discount or freebie when you buy before a certain time is a great way to convince the people on the fence to buy.

enhance them with incentives

These simple design and marketing techniques are easy to implement and effective. Once someone has had a positive buying experience, they’re much more likely to make repeat purchases. The world of web design is changing fast, and now is the perfect opportunity to move with the times.

What would improve in your business if you convert more visitors into customers?

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