Tesla Recalls 285,000 EVs in China Over Faulty Cruise Control


Who is not aware of the tech giant Tesla (TSLA). The company is famous for its innovations in the automobile industry. Recently, Tesla has issued a recall for about 285000 vehicles in China. This massive recall is due to a defect in the cruise control system.

The cruise control system is a very important part of Testa’s automation. The malfunction of this system could result in accidental activation of this function leading to sudden acceleration of the vehicle, which can cause serious security and safety hazards.

This safety issue was identified by China‚Äôs State Administration for Market Regulation. Tesla is going to make this software update for all the vehicles free of cost. The operation will be done remotely so that the car owners don’t have to go to official dealerships. If someone’s vehicle is not able to be rectified remotely, the TSLA team will contact them for the resolution.

Tesla also apologized to the community through its customer support account on the Chinese social media platform Weibo. According to the reports, China is the second-largest market for Tesla after the US.


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