7 Steps To Start A Flower Shop Business Online


With the help of modern technology, we can find almost anything online.  Businesses are no exception to that. In fact, you don’t need to build a brick and mortar store if you have an online business.

This convenience has pushed many business owners to branch out in the internet world. And you? Are you a florist who wants to build an online flower shop business?
The steps below can help you beat every other flower shop online.

1. You need to have experience or, at least, knowledge in arranging flowers

If your interested in venturing into this business, you need to study. You can surf for many ideas and learn through imitating examples online.

2. Pick an interesting and catchy name for your online shop

Make sure that your business name is the same as your domain. To be sure, check for domain names first. GoDaddy.com sells domain names so check this site before deciding. If your desired name is still available, buy it now before someone else gets it.  After picking your website, register your name.

3. Web hosting is the next thing to pick

Make sure that you pick one that can accommodate your needs, and has security measures.  Ask for help if you don’t know how to do this step. You can go for Siteground hosting if you know how to deal with this step. 

4. Put your site together

If you don’t have skills in website designing and programming, hire other people to do that for you. But if you have the know-how, you can just do this yourself.

Add content to your site and upload pictures of your sample merchandise. Just be careful in arranging your flowers. Make sure that what you are presenting is perfect since this is the only basis for your customer’s choice. Indicate the prices too. Describe your company too and lay out your rules and delivery schedule.

5. Look for delivery services for your delivery needs

This will help you deliver your goods in no time. Join memberships and associations so you have more connections. Also, submit your business name and details to directories online.

flower delivery

6. Advertise your online shop

You can share its link through different social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, MySpace, and more. You can bookmark it on social bookmarking sites too.

You can go the extra mile if you want to. You might want to write articles about flowers and post them on article directories. Make sure that your articles have your website link in it. you can advertise through word of mouth too. Tell your friends about your flower shop and ask for their help to spread this news.

Remember that this step is very crucial. As much as possible, set aside a lot of time for this task every day.

If you cannot market your flower shop online, no one will ever order from you.

7. Entertain orders asap

Flowers shrivel and die up easily so you have to be extremely cautious when taking orders.

Don’t be afraid to receive help from other people especially on putting the site together. This is very crucial as there are many things to look into – security for payment, user-friendliness of the site, overall design and structure.

When you are done with the set up, take time advertising your site to get customers. Put your SEO knowledge to good use. tip number 6, in particular, is a great SEO technique to make your site gain rankings in the search results. Good luck in your new online flower shop!  I wish you the best!


Before you open you flower shop business online, it’s important to understand the meaning of each flower color. Check out the infographic below.

Flower Shop

Flower Meanings By Color – An infographic by the team at AvasFlowers

Are you ready to open your flower shop business online?

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  1. amazing tips to start flower business online, you can make your presence online like Flowers N Fruits, FNP, Florist India and more.

  2. We are working on starting a website to deliver flower in canada,china,usa,australia and india. we want to get some ideas on how we can generate database of the florists in all cities in these countries.

    We are working on creating a website and for the promotion as well.

  3. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing this. A lot of people love getting fresh flowers and this business is a great way to help people solve their problems quickly. Great job!

    • First, do you have a website? Are you growing your customer base locally or globally? Create 3 package options. A $10, A $25 and a $50. Any questions?


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