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How to Create an Explosive Brand Image that Will Grow With...

What does your brand image say about your business? Learn how to create a brand that continues to grow.

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2012 to Learn About Marketing Your...

Want to learn about the top business & marketing strategies? This blog post will provide you all the information you need in order to grow your business in 2013

Fixing Your Brand After a PR Disaster

How important is fixing your brand after a PR disaster? One mistake can lead to a customer service nightmare, fixing your brands image is easy following these strategies.

Building Trust: The Difference Between Your Business Success or Failure

Building a brand that your customers can trust is the major difference between your businesses success or failure. What kind of brand do you have?

How To Represent Your Brand To Clients & Strengthen Relationships

How you represent your brand to clients ultimately determines your business success. It also helps develop long term relationships and increases referrals.

How to Give Your Business a Facelift

This article describes how to rebrand your business and what things to consider when changing the image of your company.

Top Three Tips Mr Bean Can Teach You about Marketing

What does Mr Bean have to do with marketing? The answer is everything; he answers questions on brand awareness, brand development and longevity.

How To Build a Brand as Big as Apple – David...

Learn how to build a brand with David Brier. Branding Guru, author of Defying Gravity and Rising Above The Noise and the popular eBook The Lucky Brand.


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