9 Email Marketing Tips to Turn Your Keyboard into an ATM Machine

email marketing tips

Whether you are growing a brick and motor business or an online business you should have a database of your clients and prospects contact details. In online marketing, we say your list is your asset. Once you build a list you can turn it in to cash on demand. There are many marketers who do this,  while the remaining 95% are wondering how you do it.

The following email marketing tips will help you to convert your prospects to clients and clients to repeat buyers.

1. Understand your audience.

Need I say more? This is the cardinal rule of marketing. You have to be clear about this in everything you do online and offline. When I say everything, this includes your blog posts, Facebook and Twitter updates, videos, articles, paid advertising and emails.

understand your audience

2. Build relationships with your email list by providing value to them.

They trusted you enough to share their contact information with you, so respect them give them what they are looking for.

3. Providing value versus selling.

I learned in my early days, provide value 80-90% of the time and earn the right to sell the 10-20% of the time. This was challenged recently when I was participating in a webinar. The trainer said there is no percentage to go by, you must always provide value 100% of the time, even while you are selling.

4. Choose what you are going to promote to your email list.

Don’t just promote any and everything. This again comes down to understanding your audience. Know what would benefit them the best. I personally like to promote the products, services I am using or used because this way I know the value of the product and can recommend without any doubt.

5. Be mindful of the way you are using autoreponders.

If you are a consistent blogger or content creator you only need only a few autoreponder messages set up because you will be sending you blog and/or other content link to your list consistently. If you don’t create consistent content having autoresponder messages may be a good idea. Well, this again comes back to point number 1.

6. Use an enticing subject line for your emails.

Don’t forget we get hundreds of emails daily and most often people open the email based on the subject line. Give them a reason to open your email, by having a subject line that builds curiosity. Here is an interesting infographics

7. Links.

Have your links to your blog or any products you are promoting in the body of the email and have a PS line including the same link or another link for anything you are promoting. If you choose to have another link you need to make sure that the link you are promoting in the PS line is congruent to the main message on the body of the email.

8. Learn to write a good copy to keep your readers interested.

It is a good idea to subscribe to lists of the other successful marketers in your niche and learn from them. Please don’t copy what hey have written but model them.

9. Be consistent and patient you won’t get the results overnight.

Most people won’t get the results simply because they are not willing to do the work.

Most average marketers don’t take email marketing seriously; they are busy with building the list. Don’t get me wrong, you have to continuously build your list, but at the same time you need to put your effort into turning those email leads to paying long-term clients.

How will you implement these email marketing tips?

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About the Author: Damayanthi, once a struggling network marketer found her way into the world of online marketing due to her willingness to learn and never giving up attitude. Now she dedicates her time and effort to coach other struggling online entrepreneurs to create strategies and take action to increase their leads and cash flow. 



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