8 Super Powerful Social Media Marketing Tips for Business


Want a powerful business? Implement these super social media marketing tips!

Marketing and Advertisement are the two major key factors which ensure success of any business concern, big or small. Where large businesses have enough floating capital to invest with, small businesses with their limited resources, do not have much options. Like a sign of relief, and an oasis in a desert, the launch and introduction of the social media networking chain has imparted enough opportunities to these business units, with limited scale of operation, to increase their revenue earning capacity, and thereby incur profits and success in their line of dealings. Let us see how-

1. Show them the real “you”

Almost everyone has an account registered on some social media networks like Facebook or Twitter. When considering small business units, this is a great opportunity for them to exhibit and showcase their “real self” to prospects, clients and customers. The entrepreneur can start off with providing occasional business tips through a link to his own new blog post. 

Show Some Creativity
Be a little innovative by displaying your uniqueness and posting your updates about your creations, which you are passionate about. For example, if you love cooking, and want to enhance your image as a cook, regularly post updates and pictures of your new recipes and recent grilled masterpieces.

However, your tone should always cater to your clients in a friendly manner, which should be interesting, humorous, different and, most importantly, authentic too. Maintain your personality, image and goodwill as a genuine person dealing with something he is passionate and touchy about, do not highlight yourself as an individual solely interested to promote his business and make a quick buck through interactions on his social site. This will give you more authenticity and genuineness while the latter might shun your image in the long run.

2. Pick one thing and do it really well

As an aspiring business holder, decide for yourself, what kind of image do you want people to hold for you, “Jack of all and master of none” or a person excelling in his inborn qualities and trying to make it big by exploring it further. As a small business owner, always target and give priority to your resources towards the activities that deliver the most impact and seek maximum response. 

Start With Small Yet Effective
Mark your presence and excel by focusing on any one social media channel initially. Put all your efforts into it by giving it all your time and energy to generate best possible results, rather than marking your presence on five such social media networks and following them half-heatedly.

The best is to first trace out the network with maximum audience concentration. Proceed further, by using tools like ‘Follower Work,’ which is Facebook’s free advertising platform. Once the registration with the best social network is done, to ensure the best target audience, plan further to develop a strategy to engage them and generate results by doing it exceptionally well. If things click off in your favor, you will automatically be on a number of other social network sites to replicate and enhance your success further.

3. Turn your Facebook page into a lead-generating machine

To ensure success in business, it is very important to have a data-base of your target audience. Similarly, in case of social media sites, the most important component is to generate your leads by collecting names and e-mails of ideal audience and communicating with them on a regular basis. In the absence of a target list of customers, your business would not flourish and your efforts would turn meaningless.

lead generation

However, there are many ways to grow your list of prospects. The most simple to kick off with is to create an opt-in strategy on your Facebook. Proceed further by generating and using iFrames to create a custom-welcome tab. This system can be further enhanced by a two-step procedure which encourages non-fans and invites them to click Like and become a fan, and once the link has been figured out, you can opt to offer some valuable giveaways in lieu of sharing their names and e-mails. By following this strategy, it will solve a dual purpose for you, it would increase your fan base on one hand, and on the other would help grow your lead list as well.

4. Invest in a great Twitter design

Go beyond the normal constraints to design your Twitter profile towards a niche market. The profile created should be such that it unveils to people about your dedication and seriousness towards your niche. It should ensure valuable and quality content to your audience, by just getting a glimpse of the same. It should be able to generate a craving within them to view it further, which they could get only by following you on your Twitter link.

Expand your search to find other Twitter ID’s as well and follow the followers of that account too, most of whom would have automatically received a notification directly from Twitter. Others could click through your Twitter profile to follow you, if interested in your line or niche.

Here is an Infographics about twitter marketing


5. Bring your company onto video

A video presentation leaves a greater impact on a client’s mind than any other verbal or written method of advertisement. The most effective and fruitful way of making use of your social media is ‘Video.’ It enhances and promotes your business prospects in multitudes. With Google and other search engines switching to index web page, linking up a short video presentation of your product is the most innovative and effective sources to reach to the top of search results.

It can very easily be generated by adding a custom channel on YouTube. An instructional video, showcasing your company’s products and services, along with testimonials of satisfied clients, can add great credibility to your company’s goodwill and thereby, increase view-footage on your link as well. 

Don't Be a Boring Guy!
To grab the attention of the customers, use humor and graphics to put your point across in an unusual and effective manner. But, remember, the video should be short, not to exceed 3 minutes, at any cost.

6. Learn how to master video marketing

Video content, by tagging, titling and publishing correctly, can take your business prospects to the next level of growth and development, by ensuring a sure shot success in its functioning. It can increase and enhance your exposure and mileage in search results.

Below is an example video, you can also visit the channel for more knowledge

For this, you have to learn the proper way of going about video content. Inclusion of thumbnails in search results, however, can attract the audience’s attention much more than text. It can ensure the visualization of your content over traditional text delivery. Like an icing on the cake, video can further highlight your company’s personality and image.

7. Monitor your clients and prospects

To ensure success in business through social media network, it is very important to keep in regular touch with your clients, by reviewing their suggestions and complaints on an every-day basis. For this, generate alerts for all your crucial and important customers. By adding their blogs to your RSS reader, generating a Twitter list and adding it on to a key component like Tweet Deck, to monitor your clients’ comments and actions in social networks. This will assist you to anticipate and cater to their needs and requirements, and build healthier relations with them, at a much faster pace.

monitor your clients

You can even step ahead to do the same with key journalists and strategic business partners as well. This step would ensure immediate success and growth of your business, thereby helping you to pay off all your capital investments immediately.

8. Give away the secret sauce

Every business has some secrets and hidden skeletons in their cupboard, which, generally, entrepreneurs refrain from sharing from their clients or anybody else. However, experts say that developing content in relation to those industry secrets and how-to suggestions can help increase your USP to a great extent, which no other competitor of yours would indulge in.

This would act as your competitive advantage which would cater to solving your customers’ problems and related queries, resulting in increasing the ranking of your content in the search rankings and being actively shared on social sites like Twitter as well as Facebook, thereby increasing your popularity to sky-rocketing heights.

All you have to do is write answers on all interesting and hard-to-answer, frequently asked questions, of your customers and float it on-line, to be viewed by one and all. By doing so, you would get an extraordinary response which would take your business to unbelievable heights.

Are you prepared to use these powerful Social Media Marketing Tips for your business?

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