20 Productivity Tips for Small Business


Productivity Tips for Small Business

Keeping a small business flourishing in a bad economy often proves to be a difficult task. Are you searching for ways to make your business more productive? Being an owner of a small business in this day and time often means working long hours and finding promising solutions to problems that threaten to sink the business.

Listed below are 20 productivity tips that will help keep your small business on top.

1. Keep your vision in mind. You can often lose sight of your vision for your business. To be the most productive, remind yourself of your vision daily. Why are you in business?

2. Realize that you can’t be perfect. Let perfection go out the window! You won’t be able to please every single person that you do business with. While you should always give 100%, sometimes it is simply not good enough for those hard to please consumers.

3. Let family members help lighten the load every now and then. If you have family members offering to help, let them get involved. Free labor equals more productivity.

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4. Say “no” if you can’t handle any more work. There may come a time when you have to turn customers away. Don’t take on more than you can handle or hire more help if you need to.

5. Don’t sleep in. Being productive in a small business means you will have to do a lot of the work yourself. Arrive at work early and sleep in late.

6. Make a “to do” list each day and don’t stop until you complete it. Keep an agenda of the things you need to do each day.

7. Keep realistic goals. Make sure you are setting unrealistic goals that will serve only to sink your business.

8. Take breaks. Not too many! Breaks can help increase productivity.

9. Stay away from social media websites that can take up time. Have a “no social media” rule while you are at work for you and your employees.

10. Create a schedule. Live by a schedule. Set time aside that you will work and make the most of every second.

11. Delegate properly. You can’t do it ALL so be sure to delegate properly.

12. Prioritize your work. Prioritizing can increase productivity. Set deadlines for yourself and your employees.

13. Motivate your employees. Be sure to offer motivation for your employees to be productive. Offer monthly bonuses or rewards.

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14. Focus on removing problems that may be causing a decrease in productivity. If your employees are having trouble focusing and not getting enough work done, remove problems. Block facebook or do not allow personal phone calls unless they are an emergency.

15. Too many meetings take up valuable time. Don’t spend valuable time meeting. Spend the time putting plans into action. Keep meetings minimal. Email may work better.

16. Train people to complete their work successfully. If you want to increase productivity you may have to give your employees the ability to do so. Consider offering training for people to complete their work successfully.

17.  Give you and your employees the resources to successfully complete jobs. Offer the proper resources to ensure that you and employees CAN complete the job. Make sure equipment is up to standard.

18. Stay positive. A negative attitude will serve only to deter your employees from being productive. Remember that you are the leader of the company. How you act will have an impact on how your employees act. Stay positive.

19. Do you have a mentor? A mentor can help keep you on the right path. He or she can give you ideas on how to increase your productivity and hold your hand through the process.

20. Time to get away! Be sure that through all the hassle of increasing productivity that you don’t forget to be refreshed every now and then. Make sure that you allow time for yourself to recollect. Overworking yourself will only cause you to be less productive. Take some time off every now and then.

Use the 20 tips listed above to help your small business be more productive and learn how to multitask.

Will focusing on these productivity tips give your business a better chance for success?

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