7 Pinterest Clones To Expand Your Social Media Empire


The Social Media Wars are upon us, beware of the Pinterest Clones!!

Attack of the Pinterest ClonesSo with Pinterest’s wild success in social media during the last half of 2011 and continuing through this year 2012, you knew some “Pinterest Clones” were going to have to find there way into the social media market. And without fail they have. 7 of them (at the time of this writing) have gained some popularity and actually have decent sized user bases.

Let’s take a look at each of the Pinterest Clones and see what they have to offer.

1. Pinspire.com

Pinspire looks exactly like Pinterest. A direct knock-off in fact. It claims to be more specificly engineered for cooking and fashion but isn’t that already pretty much covered with Pinterest? They have a pretty good sized community who seem to be quite active. All in all though it’s hard to see this network really lasting all that long because of how much they are blatently copying Pinterest.

Pinterest Clones - Pinspire

2. Stylepin.com

Stylepin claims to be more specifically for fashion so it’s more of a niche Pinterest. Same photosharing “pin” like interface as Pinterest which makes it a so-called “clone.” The idea of focusing just on fashion is pretty intriguing and if your interests reside in that world you may find Stylepin more useful for you than Pinterest. The community appears to be much smaller however, even compared to the aforementioned Pinspire.

Pinterest Clones - Stylepin

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3. Thinng.com

Same interface concept as Pinterest but with a little bit of a twist. With Thinng the idea is to create lists of “things” that interest you. Thinng is more image/photo based compared to Pinterest, and that is saying alot being that Pinterest relies so heavily on images. Thinng has gained some serious steam and has quite a big community already. If any of the Pinterst clones are going to make it through the year still standing this is the one.

Pinterest Clones - Thinng

4. Gentlemint.com

A Pinterest for men is what Gentlemint is calling itself. This one is probably one of the more interesting Pinterest clones and might stand to have the most long-term success when all is said and done. Because Pinterest tends to be so much more for women than it is for men, Gentlemint could attract a very large social media crowd in a hurry. Only time will tell if they can actually keep up on the technology side to make it a smooth UI to work with. Men online tend to be picky about those types of things.

Pinterest Clones - Gentlemint

5. ReformRevolution.com

Reformrevolution is actually using WordPress as it’s technology infrastructure. Not sure how many people are actually using this but you may give it whirl and see if you the community using it suits you. The problem Reformrevolution has is that even though it’s trying to mimic many UI features of Pinterest, it’s actually lacking many of them in comparison to other Pinterest clones.

Pinterest Clones - ReformRevolution

6. GetVega.com

Getvega is more of a Pinterest clone in concept than it is a rip-off of UI and design. It’s actually much more unique in it’s UI than any of the other mentioned Pinterest Clones which makes this social media outlet rather interesting. Getvega also is unique in that it dives more into the social bookmark management world which is something Pinterest really is not.

Pinterest Clones - GetVega

7. MingleWing.com

Minglewing covers all topics just like Pinterest does. What’s intersting about Minglewing is not only does it have the same typical “pin” type features and UI that Pinteret has, but it also focuses more on the discussion side of things. Calling itself a public discussion board. Like Stylepin this community is very small and if it doesn’t grow quickly you can probably bet we won’t be hearing from it anymore.

Pinterest Clones - Minglewing

Plan on seeing more and more of these Pinterest clones being released over the coming months. It’s just something that tends to happen when these new types of social media outlets arise. Twitter clones happened like crazy back in 2006 when they released their new micro-blogging masterpiece. Remember the Facebook and MySpace clones? Oh yeah those too. And who can forget the hundreds of Digg clones that were popping up all over the web.

But I wouldn’t discourage anyone from giving these a try. Often times these “niche” clones can create great value for someone trying to promote a product, service, content, brand etc. They can help you build the right individual connections you need to thrive.

Have you tried any of these Pinterest Clones? Which one’s do you like?

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About the Author: Chase Sagum manages social media for home theater screen paint on Screenpainthd.com



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