Pinterest blocks all weight loss ads, products and testimonials


Pinterest has finally decided to take part in the new trend of body acceptance. Earlier this year, we have seen big brands endorsing plus-sized models and now the social media giants are also acknowledging the fact.

“We want Pinterest to be a welcoming, inspiring place for everyone, regardless of their body type,” Says Sarah Bromma, the platform’s head of policy.

The platform told Marketing Brew the change in advertising policy stems from a rise in unhealthy eating habits coming out of the pandemic and the start of beach season—few feel comfortable in their skinnies.

Here’s what else Pinterest is prohibiting:

  • Any references to body mass indexes
  • Testimonials of weight loss or weight loss products
  • Products that claim weight loss via skin patches

To clarify: A fitness brand can still advertise workouts, and companies can still feature creative centered around “mindful eating,” so long as the message isn’t specifically related to weight loss, dieting, or burning calories, says Bromma.

Pinterest already banned things like appetite suppressant pills and before-and-after weight loss imagery, but its latest policy builds on that. Bromma declined to say whether the ban will impact the platform’s revenue.


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