Tips for Creating Effective Signage and Banners at Your Retail Place of Business

Tips for Creating Effective Signage and Banners at Your Retail Place of Business

It’s a competitive world out there and it’s not always easy to attract people to your business to show them your wares. Banners and signs can do a lot of advertising good for a bricks and mortar business that has the potential for walk-in customers. Read on for some suggestions on great ways to use signage in your business.


Outdoor banners and awnings can provide a great way of getting the attention of passersby. Tell the public about a sale or special offer in an eye-catching way, particularly if your exterior is exposed to a high-traffic area. It’s important to make sure your sign is big enough to attract attention from far away.

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Choosing the right font and the right lettering size (at least three centimetres of height for every 3 metres or so) and coupling it with effective graphics in eye-catching colours can help make your sign stand out and ensure it’s easy to read. 

Certain colour combinations can be very eye-catching. Try thinking outside the ‘black and white’ box. Consider a yellow background with black, red, or blue lettering. Work to develop a visible banner with a tag line that will demonstrate your unique selling proposition and that will bring people in.


Instead of simply using a ceiling to suspend signs from or a wall to hang banners on, you can get more creative for indoor signage.  Floor graphics, café barriers, sandwich boards, free standing banners, and wall decals can help you with merchandising and increase the chance that you get a desired message across.

graphics on floor and walls

Signage can be a big help with your merchandising efforts! It may take some tweaks to find something that works. Measure your sales week by week as you try new signage and merchandising efforts.

On the Go:

New customers can come to you via a variety of methods. You can hire billboard space, do bench advertising, and hire someone to pass out flyers on the street dressed in a mascot uniform. But have you considered mobile advertising yet? Mobile advertising can work wonders for spreading word about your business without you even trying. Consider vehicle wraps as an eye-catching way to spread word about who you are, where you are, and what you do.

In terms of mobile signage: This one-time investment could bring you new customers every single time that vehicle is out and about.

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Additional Tips:

• Buy good quality signs and banners and they can last for many years. Shop around and be sure you’re using the right material for the right application (indoor material versus material suitable for exposure to the elements, etc.)

• Storing and cleaning your banners properly will help them last indefinitely. Roll, rather than fold them and do so with the lettering on the outside. Talk to your banners supplier about the way to care for specific types of banners. Some can simply be sprayed with mild soap and water and others could require specific professional cleaning.

Consider Expert Opinions
Listen to the experts who create banners and signs for businesses. They can provide great advice on eye-catching ways to make signage work for you.

How is your business creating effective signage to attract new customers?

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About the Author: Sharon Hurley Hall writes for Sherwood Signs, which can help you provide effective banners that really deliver results.


  1. It’s true that color contrasts are very important when trying to get a signage, plus consider what’s eye-catching ideas. This article definitely tells stories and tips on what are the things that are right for your business.Nice! I’ll be recommending this article to my friend, he’s about to set up a new business.

  2. Great post, vehicle signage is especially underrated but stands as one of the most effective methods to advertise your business. Its mobility means that you’re getting as many eyes on your name and logo as possible.

  3. I am glad that you brought up indoor signage, because if done well it can add so much character to a business. Thank you for sharing!

  4. You make a nice point about the effectiveness of outdoor banners when they are large enough to be seen from some distance away. Effective graphics and eye-catching colors can be very important, just as you shared.

  5. I agree that signage can be a big help with your merchandising efforts. Thanks for these tips for creating effective signage and banners at your place of business. I had never thought about vehicle wraps as an eye catching way of spreading the word.


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