LinkedIn To Launch a Feature For Stories Like Facebook and Instagram


Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are using the stories feature itself, but soon you will get the stories feature on Linkedin. Along with this, the company has officially confirmed that it is currently testing Linkedin Stories and it can be released soon, the company has not given any date for this at the moment. That stories first came on Snapchat. Thereafter, Facebook and Instagram copied it.

Regarding the stories feature, Linkedin said in a statement, ‘We have a lot of experience in professional life about stories. At the same time it is very convenient and effective to share any special moments through stories. This is not the first time Linkedin is working on stories. Earlier in 2018, the company had tried the stories feature but at that time this feature was only for the students for the university.

The company named the stories feature ‘Student Voices’ which was only for American students. For your information, let us know recently that Jeff Weiner, CEO of Linkedin, announced his resignation. is. Along with this, the product will be replaced by Senior Vice President of Products Ryan Roslansky. Winer gave the information about his resignation in one of his posts.



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