Launching a Website Based On Keywords

Launching a Website Based On Keywords

Many of us have great ideas for websites – the only thing these days, is that Google has become such a huge part of the Internet, that it has literally almost become the Internet.

In fact, in the eyes of many, this has been the case for quite some time now. And since Google controls the flow of dollars on the Internet in a lot of ways, the art of picking a website has become quite different.

Extensive Keyword Research Equals Dollars

More and more people are complaining about the fact that all of the good domain names are taken up (this is especially true in the local business niche i.e. city/service keyword phrase), and this has a lot to do with launching a website based on keyword phrases.

Even though this is the case for many of the more generic types of keyword phrases out there, you have to remember, that in the world we live in today, new keyword phrases are constantly being literally invented as new products, companies, ideas, trends, and software arise into the market.

The “Tutorial” Route

One cool thing about the Internet is that new software is developed everyday – software that could range from 101 million different things. Software that helps run a paper mill, software that musicians use to create music, and software that internet marketers use to help scale up their campaigns.

With that in mind, know that there is a huge market for people that need to know how to use this software.

Side Note:
It doesn’t have to be software – that is just the niche I am most affiliated with since I am deeply immersed into the Internet marketing world.

Adding the word “tutorial” to some type of keyword phrase (pending that keyword phrase needs tutorials) is a great way to research different markets. You may find that there is a whole world of opportunity out there with virtually no competition. The good thing about these kinds of keyword phrases is that domain names are still highly available.

When thinking about what type of tutorial website will work, keep these main points in mind:

tutorial website

  • Does it provide somebody with a career? In other words, is it the main reason that somebody’s job even exists?
  • Is it something that people spend thousands of dollars learning?
  • Is it something that you can easily make a video for? Videos are huge on the nline world and are one of the best ways to create content.
  • Is the product the authority on the niche and will it be around for a while? Basically, how long will your tutorials be relevant?
  • What is the search market like in terms of volume and consistency?
  • What type of person and/or how many people are you going to need to take on to help create these videos yourself? If you cannot create the tutorials yourself, how will you team up with some that can?

One thing that will be very important with these types of websites is the customer service. You are going to have people visiting your site with all different kinds and types of problems, some of which may not be able to be answered by your tutorials.

You will need to set up a system to where you are able to answer questions at a very high turnaround rate. This will help you have repeat visitors as well as help spread your website like wildfire through word of mouth.

A Couple More Points

One of the best things about running a tutorial site is that the SEO (search engine optimization) for it will be so easy. You won’t have to spend too much money on things like white label link building services or other off-site SEO tactics. You’re going to be able to gain natural links very easily, as you are going to be running a web site that is doing nothing but providing absolute value for the web – and for that particular search market.

Another great thing about tutorial web sites is that there is so many different ways to make money with them. Basically any Internet marketing scheme, whether it has to do with affiliate programs, Google AdSense, private advertising, and even monthly subscriptions can be done on these types of web sites. Your choices and opportunities are virtually endless!

niche website

Your competition will not be as high as it is with other Internet ventures – especially ones that have to do with the Affiliate marketing niche. This is because tutorial web sites can be a little bit tougher to put together (in some people’s eyes). The fact however, is that you will spend more time trying to market your affiliate site, then you will putting together a great quality site that will market itself! It is a self fully prophecy.

You can decide to code the website yourself or hire a programmer to do it for you. If you are already immersed in Internet marketing, I strongly suggest coding it yourself. The process will give you new and innovative ideas that will open up different parts of your brain that you never even knew were there. You will also be able to save a lot of money, not only in the short run with the initial development of the website but in the long run as well. This is because you will be able to solve any problem that your web site might run into – saving you the time and money it takes to hire somebody to fix a problem or improve the site quality from the backend so that you don’t have to take part in tons of credit card applications.


These points being said, it all comes down to the keyword phrases and the demand for tutorials on the proposed subject. You will have to do extensive research if you do not already have a couple ideas in mind.

Otherwise start in a niche that you are very familiar with, or perhaps one that a family member is very familiar with. If the search market is there, then there is 101 million different ways to turn that traffic into dollars! With a little bit of hard work, collaboration, and “know-how” you can be on your way to launching your first tutorial website in no time!

Launching a website is easy now that you read this post, do you agree?


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