Conversion Optimization – 5 Seriously Simple Steps

Conversion Optimization - 5 Seriously Simple Steps

You can increase conversion through the optimization of your sales funnel.

Landing Page Conversion Optimization

It goes without saying that all of us want the most from our investments. The point of putting our money into something is about getting returns! Now, winning your bid for a keyword on the Google paid services, only means that you will now be paying a cost-per-click with the hope to escalate your business. But the catch with CPC is that not everything turns into money. You have an investment, against which you expect to earn – and most certainly you do; but are you meeting the maximum profit margin?

To help attain that situation and affirmatively answer the above question, the best way would be to analyze and strategically use information like the AdWords Conversion Tracking Data and use other web analytics tools to understand consumer behavior. Conversion optimization is all about this and working around the maximum cost – per – action that you desire – so that you make manifold profits for the same bid. So here’s how we go about it:

  • Enable conversion tracking data:

The first step is to have the tracking data records for at least a month. Moreover, you need to be having at least a bag full of conversions in the ratio 1 per two days in a month – only then it’s worth it! And if you are working with Google, then this is a minimum requirement. Once you are progressing on these lines, we can step in with the conversion optimizer tool that they offer. Other search engines have other tools and web analytics can help on the same lines. The main point is to have the data.

Most conversion patterns are as seen above. The attempt should be to keep the base as broad or deep as possible. Ideally, there should be as low a bounce rate as possible and as high an ROI rate as possible.

  • Analyze the data and take action:

When it comes to the conversions optimization tools that are available, they will help you in making the right bid. On Google, the tool strategically places your advertisement based on your records, in a way that maximum clicks are those that convert into real buys. Business people have reported almost 20% improvement for the same bids by making the choice to use such a tool.

Other information about user behaviors and actions are not entirely used in this electronic process. Here’s where you step in with your engineers to take action.

For instance, your website layout – how user friendly is it? Are you using the right colors to endorse your brand? Is the user comfortable with the site?

  • Testing the elements of your website:

It is important to know the aspects of your website which can contribute to better conversions, if evaluated and improved. You have to be working in the right direction! Guesswork or blind faith in expert advice can be detrimental – in other words, simply believing that a page needs to be improved so that you get more conversions, isn’t a good idea. It’s important to understand what your customer is looking for when you are taking developmental action. The core focus should be on value proposition for your page and consequently, your website. The attempt should not only be to catch their attention, but also to hold the visitor’s attention and encourage him to make that purchase.

Conversion Optimization

  • Be Opportune and offer Opportunities:

In simple words, it’s about the opportunities available and the opportunities that you can create. First of all, know what your customer would love – that is your opportunity to win his love and money. And offer him something exciting, possibly a contest or freebeis to win their trust and interest. You could offer trial options for 2 weeks or a particular duration so that the customer can evaluate your product and be more sure to want it.

Such strategies have been known to positively affect many PPC campaigns, increasing conversion rates by 20 to 50% as well.

  • Review and strategizing:

Conversion optimization is entirely like a circle of activity, which require constant review and acting upon. What actions need to be taken and results of the changes that have been made should be evaluated. And based on that, the further course of action needs to be planned.

Conversion Optimization

At the end of the day, better usability and better proximity to the prospective client will always strengthen your business. So, keeping with these 5 steps to conversion optimization is certainly going to benefit your business – why wait?

What is your businesses conversion optimization rate?

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