introduces a new dating app just for single parents

Match launches a dating app for single parents

On Monday, Match, one of the world’s leading dating organisations, released Stir, its newest dating app.

Stir is designed to connect single parents, a 20 million-strong group in the United States who “are usually neglected on conventional dating apps,” according to the business.

The software allows individuals to post their “me time,” which is time spent away from commitments and children, so that matches can simply coordinate their schedules.

“We’re dedicated to giving single parents a dating experience where they are celebrated and feel like they can be themselves. With that, our hope is that they can truly focus on having a personal life beyond navigating parenthood,” said Match Group’s VP of New Verticals Dinh Thi Bui in a statement.

Match is a subsidiary of Match Group, which owns over a dozen dating applications, including Tinder, OK Cupid, and Hinge. However, the firm has been broadening its portfolio to include populations that traditional applications may not be able to reach. Our Time, a dating service for those over 50, and Hawaya, a Muslim dating app, are two examples of the company’s offerings.

The company’s diverse app portfolio may help it attract customers who are uncomfortable or don’t feel they can find what they’re searching for on other dating sites.


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