Seven Simple Strategies to Get More Views on YouTube

Seven Simple Strategies to Get More Views on YouTube

How to get more views on YouTube is just minutes away.

Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has become the leader in online video with more than 10,000 videos uploaded everyday. Your ultimate goal when marketing via YouTube is to land among the Daily Most Viewed Videos. You have 48 hours from the time your video is posted to make this ranking, after that your video is moved to the Weekly Most Viewed, and then off the list. This is not an easy task. Remember, your goal is to create real interest, not the illusion of interest. Fortunately, there are some legit ways to get more views on YouTube with little or no expense on your part.

1. Use Keywords

Keywords can also be carefully placed in descriptions, tags or directly in your video to tell viewers what the video is about or provide additional information. Avoid the temptation to use words or phrases to get more views on YouTube if they have nothing to do with the content of the video.

learn about TV

Consider using relevant keywords or descriptions without using a lot of buzz words or popular terms. This may seem counterproductive, but keywords with lower volume tend to place high in search engines since there isn’t as much competition.

2. Link and Share Your Videos

Post YouTube videos directly to your blog, online forum or company website. Consider placing a link to your blog or site at the bottom of your YouTube post or in the description field. Here are some other ways to get more views so you rank in the coveted Most Viewed section:

• Reach out to others who run relevant blogs and ask them to post links to your YouTube videos. This way you get the word out, get more views, and don’t have have to do the extra work of running multiple blogs.

• Start new threads from your forum and embed your videos. This may require setting up multiple accounts for each forum to avoid the appearance of spam.

• Send your videos to email lists. This can be effective as long as the recipients are willing accept emails with video links.

• Remember to link your videos with your Facebook page, online forums and make them short enough so they can be easily shared by your viewers’ friends.

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3. Be Funny

Humor is one of the biggest attractions when it comes to users selecting a particular video to view. You do not have to do something on the level of Funny or Die, but a humorous take on some aspect of your business or product is a great way to generate interest. It can be a funny situation someone might encounter while using your product or a creative way someone can benefit from using your business or service. Don’t worry about production value. The more amateur looking, the better.

4. Be Helpful

People like to learn stuff, especially through helpful video posts. Consider posting a “how to” video related to your business. It can be as simple as how to use your product or reasons to use your particular service or product. Consider placing descriptive cards throughout your video before each step so you can get to the point quicker. Internet audiences tend to have a short attention span.

be helpful

5. Ask Questions

Ask questions in your video posts. This gets the viewer engaged. Appeal to the viewer’s natural curiosity factor. One technique is to start out by posing questions designed to generate interest. Perhaps even a bit provocative, but not off point. Once you got the viewer hooked, go into details about how your business or service is the right answer to the questions you posed earlier. Encourage participation by inviting your viewers to post comments.

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6. Be Direct

Keeping it short applies across the board from the length of your videos to the titles and descriptions associated with your video. Again, Internet attention span is remarkably short. Keep your descriptions short with mostly relevant text. Videos should be about 15-30 seconds long. If you need more time, break longer clips into bite-sized clips.

be direct

7. Here are a few other ways to boost your views:

• Don’t turn your video clip into an ad. You can feature your product or service, but don’t slip into sales mode. Other forms of marketing are better for full-on advertising efforts.

• Make it shocking within reason. You’re not the National Enquirer, but you want to create a short headline for your post that will give viewers no choice but to view your clip. Curiosity is an excellent selling tool. Consider posing a question a viewer will want to know the answer to, such as “Can it be true?” or “Did that actually happen?”

Are you excited about implementing these strategies to get more views on YouTube? 

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