Nissan To Spend $17.6 Billion To Grow its Electric Car Lineup

Nissan plans

Nissan plans to invest 2 trillion yen ($17.6 billion) over the next five years to accelerate the electrification of its product range.

Nissan said on Monday that by 2030, it plans to release 23 new electrified cars, 15 of which would be totally electric.

By the end of the decade, it wants its Nissan and Infiniti brands to have a 50 percent electrification mix.

By 2028, the company plans to offer all-solid-state batteries, or ASSB, to the market. Nissan announced a pilot ASSB plant will be ready “as early as fiscal year 2024” in the Japanese city of Yokohama.

In a speech outlining the plans, Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida said his company was focusing on the in-house development of ASSB.

“With this, we’ll be able to double the energy density versus current lithium-ion batteries,” he said. “With batteries made smaller and thinner, we can offer flexible layout with more dynamic performance, expanding to larger segments like pick up trucks.”


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