The ABC’s of Sales


The ABC's of Sales from Glengarry Glen RossIt takes a number of ingredients to reach the top levels of sales success. You need to understand the product and get behind its benefits and purpose. Understanding the customer and how to relate to each individual will also help you grow your sales success. Developing a plan to bring the product and customer together puts the final layer on your success building.

The ability to sell comes naturally to everyone. If you have ever convinced a teacher to give you a different grade, gotten a date or talked some friends into doing what you want on a Friday night then you have sold something successfully. Getting to the top in the sales industry means translating that naturally ability into the products and customers that you encounter in your industry.

Basic Tips for Building Sales

1. Get beyond the paycheck. Most sales positions rely on commission for income. The moment the customer feels like the paycheck then the sale will be in jeopardy. See the customer and client FIRST and you will find that the sales follow without being pushed. Developing a habit or standing in the shoes of the customer will make it easier to sell your product to that customer.

2. Learn the product. Nothing will turn of potential clients faster than a sales person that knows very little about the product. Spend some time every day learning (or relearning) about the different products you offer. The time invested in the knowledge will payoff in sales.

3. Be honest with the customer. Knowing the product helps build the confidence of customers, but you will never know everything. If a customer asks a question and you are unsure of the answer then admit it. Let the customer know that you are unsure of that particular issue but you will locate someone with the answer and get back to them. If that is the only sticking point then find out then. A customer that walks away will not often return to make the purchase.

4. Practice the pitch. You want your conversation with customers to be smooth. Practicing makes that easy flow of conversation possible. Write out what you want to say about the product. Also write down possible questions and potential answers to those questions. Practice with a friend so that you can get to a place where you can answer questions and talk about the product with confidence.

5. Avoid the negatives – ESPECIALLY when it comes to the competition. Clients want to hear what you have to offer. They are not looking for the reasons they should stay away from your competition. Stick to building up your own products even when you may be asked to compare your product with your competitor.

6. Ask for the sale by presenting the customer with the opportunity to buy. A phrase as simple as “can I take that to the register for you” may be all the motivation your customer needs to make the purchase. “What else can I get you today” is another phrase that asks for the sale.

7. Find a mentor. Look to the other top sales people in your company or industry. Ask them for the opportunity to shadow so that you can see how they relate to customers and to products. Learn from their experience but make their techniques your own instead of attempting to copy them exactly.

Everyone is a sales person at some level. It takes commitment, practice and understanding to catapult the ordinary ability to sell into the top sales in your industry. You can reach the top levels when you make time to know the product and to understand the customer. With those two points you can keep the conversation on target and be confident in the answer when you ask for the sale.

How will you implement the ABC’s of sales in your business?

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