7 Tips to Get More Readers to Click through Your Affiliate Link

7 Tips to Get More Readers to Click through Your Affiliate Link

Do you want more readers to click through your affiliate link? You know, you have to start thinking about increasing your CTR (Click-Through Rate) because the more CTR you have, the more conversion you can possibly get. The more conversion, the more commission. It’s as simple as that.

Here are 7 tips to get more readers to click through your affiliate link:

1. Educate your readers about the product you are promoting

People hate to buy things that they don’t know about. In this case, if you only place a banner for your affiliate product and expect your website or blog readers to click on it, you will see the bitter fact. Most of them won’t click. But, if you put a little information about the product on your website, more readers will click through your affiliate link.

educate about the product

2. Insert the links in your content

The best place to insert your link is inside your content, and this is the place where you get the most CTR for your affiliate link. Relevant links inside your content will bring more CTR then banners (or links) in the sidebar of your website.

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3. Create more articles related to the product you are promoting

If you promote the best weight loss pill that is capable of helping people lose 10 lbs. within two weeks, it is better for you to create articles about the benefits of consuming weight loss pills or something similar. The more relevant your link, the more click through you will get.

create articles

4. Hide your affiliate link

For example, Clickbank has famous hop link such as http://username.vendor.hop.clickbank.net. This is lousy and people can easily spot that it is an affiliate link. Some people will simply replace the username with their own username. Or people will avoid clicking it altogether. The best way is to hide your affiliate link and create one page inside your website for redirection to this affiliate link. For example, you can create a page called http://yourwebsite.com/super-weight-loss.html which will redirect your visitor to the same hop link.

hide your link

5. Ask the readers to click and visit the affiliate page

This is, for most people, called a call to action. A call to action is basically you asking the readers to do something after reading your content. In this case, you can ask the readers to visit the affiliate link in order to learn more about the solution for their problem. So, don’t just place your link at the bottom of your content. Ask your readers to click it.

click here

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6. Bonuses

What is more tempting for your readers to click through your affiliate link and purchase the product is when they can get a special bonus for it. In this case, you can give away free bonuses for your readers who purchase the affiliate product from your link. This is an effective step to increase your CTR as well as your conversion rate.

7. Place your link above the fold

Make sure that your readers can see your affiliate link clearly. That’s why it’s better for you to place an affiliate link above the fold. It means that your readers don’t need to scroll your webpage in order to see the link. It is proven way to increase CTR for your link. If you apply these tips correctly, you will be able to get more readers to click through your affiliate links.

Will these tips help you improve the click though rate to your affiliate link?

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