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Social Network Sites

Marketing and advertising can be expensive if you are just starting your business, and you might think they are necessary to help you get traffic to your website. There is an alternative way to increase your website traffic and this one is free: use social network sites! I am not only talking about Facebook and Twitter here! There are a lot of different social network sites out there and they can help you increase traffic to your website.

Facebook and Twitter

I’m hoping you already have a Facebook fan page for your business and know how to use it well! If not, you will find all you need in Wayne Kessler’s article: How to Use Facebook for Business: A Complete Guide for A to Z.

If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, you should set up one right away. Twitter is great to develop your network and to attract people to your webpage but you should follow some simple rules!

First of all, if your Twitter account is for business, don’t get TOO personal… don’t share what you ate last night with your followers, they don’t really care. Second of all, always answer to @Mentions. If someone is taking the time to talk to you directly, that’s the least you should do! Finally, like I said, Twitter is great to attract people on your webpage but don’t spam your followers with links! If the only things you tweet are links to your own webpage, you might lose your followers… You should read Aaron Zitzer’s article 7 Essential Marketing Rules for Twitter if you want to learn more about Twitter.

Social bookmarking on Social Network Sites

Now that you have accounts on the most popular social network sites, you should think about some other sites that are good for your business: like social bookmarking websites. Social bookmarking websites are not for networking like Facebook and Twitter. They are mostly used to generate new traffic and to build back links to your website, which help for your site’s ranking on search engine. There are several bookmarking websites but you should concentrate on the popular ones:, and

Once you have created your account on those sites, you are ready to share links that are leading to your website. The social bookmarking pages are more efficient if you have a blog (or if you update/change your website content often) because in that case, you can share every new post and use more specific keywords for each of them, depending on their topic.

If you post a new article every 2 or 3 days on your website, social bookmarking will work great for you! and

Digg and Delicious are very similar. They work the same way: you enter the URL you want to bookmark and this URL will be displayed on a main page where all the new bookmarks are. Then other users can vote for your link if they like it.If they do, your link will become popular on the site. Even if people don’t really vote for your link, some of them will click on it for sure. Just make sure you tagged the right keywords!

Stumbleupon is a little bit different. You still share a link and people are voting for it but when you click on Stumble Your Interest, you see actual websites. So when you submit your URL, you are sure your website will be displayed on some people’s computer screen! If you have a great design and killer content, you’ll easily win some new followers! Stumbleupon is also quite fun and addictive!

Don’t forget that building a strong traffic to your website can take some time. However, if you follow those tips, you will start notice a difference within a month… or 2 weeks if you post everyday!

Which is your favorite of all the Social Network Sites?

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