Top 5 Facebook Strategies for Travel and Tourism Brands

Top 5 Facebook Strategies for Travel and Tourism Brands

If you like these Facebook strategies your brand will travel far!

Facebook has become a tool that many businesses, including those in the travel industry, use to market to potential customers. Different types of companies in the travel industry, including airlines, hotels and car rental companies, often create Facebook pages because they hope to be able to sell their services to people using the social media website.

Businesses in the travel industry cannot expect to attract Internet users by putting together lackluster Facebook pages that merely give information about their companies. 

Create Pages That Stand Out
To be successful at getting people to go to their pages, travel and tourism companies need to create pages that stand out and offer customers something, especially if they want people to keep coming back to their pages.

Send Positive Messages About Your Company

On their pages, tourism and travel brands need to send positive messages about their companies so that people believe they are enthusiastic about the services they are offering. They also need to advertise their companies to potential customers by using their names, brand messages and logos on the pages.

People need to go away from company pages knowing that businesses have a presence on Facebook so they likely will go to companies’ pages to learn more about company news, events or promotions. Facebook pages for travel industry brands should make it clear what companies offer in such a way that they appear to stand out against their competitors.

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Use Best Visual Content

Travel and tourism-related companies should also strive to create visually stimulating pages that are attractive to potential customers. Pictures should give people an idea of what they will receive if they choose to use their companies’ services. Photos on Facebook websites can include images of the inside of hotels or rooms, the outside or inside of planes, the interior of cars or vacation destinations. Photos should include vivid colors that draw computer users’ attention without completely distracting them from written content.

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Companies need to choose a small number of photos that stand out and incorporate these photos into their pages in such a way that they work with text. Incorporating videos, sound bites, slide shows and other types of multimedia forms into Facebook websites can also help companies to have Facebook pages that attract customers. Multimedia should fit in with their pages’ overall looks and goals and shouldn’t be too flashy that they distract computer users or make the pages look unprofessional. Travel and tourism brands should update their pages with new content on a regular basis to keep people coming back to their sites every week or more than once a week.

Give Incentives

Travel industry businesses often need to offer Facebook users a chance to win something or take advantage of special deals or promotions if they want to pique their interests. Computer users are often inundated with advertising messages throughout their day, so they likely won’t keep going back to companies’ Facebook pages if they think the companies’ only goals are to market and sell to them.

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On their pages, companies should offer promotions on certain services, such as discounts on plane or airline tickets. They can also get people to come to their Facebook pages if they ask them to sign up for drawings for free services, such as free airline tickets, one-night stays in hotel rooms or vacations.

Provide Complete details

Companies can get customers to go to their Facebook pages if the pages offer similar services as their websites. Computer users often want to complete travel arrangements without hassle.

If travel-related businesses create Facebook pages with options for booking hotels, cars, vacation packages or plane tickets, they can get more people to visit their Facebook pages. Booking widgets help companies to set up booking systems that are secure and easy to use.

Use Paid Promotions

If they use their Facebook pages along with other types of marketing tools, such as online advertisements and PR and advertising campaigns, travel and tourism brands can expand their customer bases and potentially increase their sales. Businesses need to be ready to develop creative Facebook pages if they want to be able to compete with other companies that have embraced the social media website and used it to reach new customers.

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Companies in the travel industry shouldn’t expect to quickly become more successful because of Facebook pages. They have to work to create attractive pages with fresh and interesting content and regularly update their sites to keep internet users interested.

How will these Facebook strategies help your business take off?

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