How to Put the Best Customer Testimonials in Your Sales Letter


Most scam artists use fake testimonials in order to trap their potential customers into buying their product. However, their method usually didn’t work. People can spot fake testimonials easily. If you want to attract more buyers for your product, you have to put real testimonials from your customers. In this way, you are doing business in an ethical manner. Here are some tips to put the best customer testimonials in your sales letter:

1. Only include customer testimonials from real buyers

You might be tempted to give fake testimonials in your newly-written sales page, but don’t do it. Fake testimonials will easily get spotted by your potential customers simply because they’re not true. People have this feeling when they read any sales page: they can detect whether the sales page is trustworthy or not.

You may also be tempted to give away review copy in exchange of good testimonial, but don’t do this. The testimonials given by those people who receive your review copy are not genuine, to say the least. And they are not your real buyers. So, in order to make your testimonials more believable, ask real testimonials from real buyers of your product.

Here is a great flowchart showing how to get testimonial from your client and how to deal with it

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2. Put your best customer testimonials in your sidebar

Perhaps, the most strategic place to put your testimonials is in your sidebar. Why? That’s because people can read your sales letter while reading your testimonials. You might think that it will distract your readers, but it’s not.

Your sidebar is the best place to put your testimonials because it will add more interest of your readers to keep reading your sales letter. In fact, it can boost your conversion rate.

3. Don’t clutter your sales letter with testimonials

Though testimonials are useful to boost your conversion rate, it doesn’t mean that you have to clutter your sales letter with testimonials. In fact, limit your testimonials in your sales page. 

Don't Overdo it!
Include only 5-10 testimonials in your sales page, depending on the length of your sales page.

You can also create a dedicated testimonials page, which will let your readers to read your full customer testimonials.

4. Use your customers’ picture and full name

In order to make your customer testimonials more credible and trustworthy, you should include your customers’ picture and full name. You can also include their website if available.

testimonials page

This is to let people know that your testimonials are from real people and they are not fake testimonials fabricated by you. Of course, you will need to ask your customers to include their picture and full name in their testimonials.

5. Put your testimonials in special box

Don’t mix your testimonials with your sales page. Give them a special box so that people can differentiate between sales copy and testimonials. The color of your testimonial box should not distract your readers from reading your sales page. The best color is light yellow or light blue because they are calm colors that are not distracting.

Testimonials are important addition to your sales page, and they can help you to boost your conversion rate significantly. Those tips will help you to put the best customer testimonials in your sales letter that will help you to improve your result.

How do you use your best customer testimonials to sell more products?

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