Top Three Tips Mr Bean Can Teach You about Marketing

Top Three Tips Mr Bean Can Teach You about Marketing

If you think Mr Bean ran from 1990-1995, like many sitcoms, lasted for a substantial amount of years. But where many sitcoms stopped their and weren’t ever to be heard of again, for example why has Mr Bean become more renowned than “Drop the Dead Donkey” which lasted three years longer than the Mr Bean series, but still disappeared from our televisions never to be heard of since. So what charm did Mr Bean bring to the table that others didn’t?

What Does Mr Bean Have to Do With Marketing?
You see when analyzing such things, people will think, what does Mr Bean have to do with marketing? The answer is everything; he answers questions on brand awareness, brand development, promotional merchandise, longevity and how to keep a 20 year old brand contemporary.

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Tip 1: Keep up With Your Brand Awareness

Your Brand is only as big as its national or even international popularity, for example if your brand is known all over the country, you’re doing very well for yourself, but if it’s known across the world, you will go down in history. Mr Bean was broadcasted in 245 territories worldwide, and not only that, was enjoyed from the skies also, as it was broadcasted across 50 airlines.

mr bean around the globe

It’s not just good enough to have a wide reach when it comes to advertising, your advertising has to be recent, relevant, and above all liked by the majority, and this takes us to our next tip.

Tip 2: Always Have Wheels in Motion With Brand Development

You will find that the world’s biggest brands rarely “stand still.” They are constantly moving with the times, and keeping up to date with modern technologies. Mr Bean to a certain extent follows this notion. The creators of Mr Bean first saw these wheels in motion after the sitcom had ended, and videos had been released, what more could they do, so they looked to the big screen. The movie simply titled Bean, kept the simple charm of the TV series, but on a global, scale, the first movie to ever gross $100 million before even reaching the US. 

So what was next for good old Mr Bean? The beginning of the 21 century saw an influx in animated television programs, due to advances in technology. The Mr Bean Brand took advantage of this and in 2002; Mr Bean the animated series hit our screens. Creating 52 episodes and lasting for three series’ Mr Bean the animated series really didn’t do too badly in the world of animated television, but was this the end for Mr Bean? This question was simply answered in 2007 when Mr Bean graced the movie theatres with “Mr Bean’s Holiday. According to Rowan Atkinson this would be the last adventure for Mr Bean.

Mr Beans Holiday

When it comes to marketing this goes to show, you have to keep with the times, it is no longer good enough to simply do mail shots cold calling, the internet has brought the world of marketing an amazing mass of new techniques.

New techniques such as social media marketing and search engine optimization have become key, with whole businesses built around delivering just these services. The world of technology is continuously offering us new ways of marketing, and if we don’t reach out and take these opportunities, we are risking the future.

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Tip 3: Longevity is Key to a Long Lasting Business and Brand Campaign

Although Mr. Bean lived and experienced his last adventure, his brand lives on, with a website dedicated to the memory of Mr Bean, selling all DVDs of the series and movies, plus interesting articles of promotional merchandise. These promotional items include a Mr Bean Figurine, a Mr Bean Joke Book, and a Mr Bean’s guide to France. As well as these promotional gifts, Mr Bean continues to develop into new technology through the creation and distribution of the Mr Bean iPhone App.

Again the world of new technologies is offering us ways of keeping our brand current and up to date with these fast evolving industries. It is important to future proof, and by future proof I mean, look to technological world for up and coming advances, and then calculate how to use these to your advantage.

future proofing

For example, it has become easier than ever to make a mobile app for your business, with websites offering free services for you to do this. Another useful tip to think about when it comes to the future proofing is new ways of spreading the word, such as QR Codes. QR (quick response) codes are barcodes that can be printed anywhere, readable by most smart phones that lead the user to a desired location.

So the answer of what Mr Bean can teach you about marketing, promotional gifts, branding and advertising, really is everything. It’s funny how such a simple character can make such a big difference in this world.

Do you want your brand to be as well known as Mr Bean’s? Are you developing your business for the long haul? 

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About the Author: Christopher Smith is the Digital Marketing Executive for BTC Group.


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