5 Ways Being Overconfident Will Make You Rich

5 Ways Being Overconfident Will Make You Rich

There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. In fact, as gratifying as confidence is, it’s almost impossible not to cross that line. It’s as if the border between confidence and conceit is at the foot of a mountain, and here you are a snowball rolling downhill. Or perhaps confidence and humility itself is nothing more than well concealed pomposity.

Either way, there is no question that belief in oneself is one of the foundations for success. Moreover, the relationship between the two seems to be reciprocal. In fact, the most successful, richest individuals in the world also happen to be the most exaggerated about their own self-worth.

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The following are 5 ways that being overconfident can make you rich:

1. Narcissists Have No Fear

The overconfident fashion themselves as invincible supermen invulnerable to pain, gamma rays, and bad decisions. In business, where fortune favors the bold, this is an excellent trait to possess.

Overconfident people are willing to take the big gamble without fear of failure. They are willing to lead and take control without worry if others will follow. This Type A personality is required for anyone looking to obtain supreme wealth.

2. You Will Never Give Up

Even when an overconfident person makes a mistake, this does not in any way diminish their evaluation of their greatness. The overconfident are quick to rebound, dismissing errors as flukes or challenges to overcome.

over confident

Despite all evidence to the contrary, they will stubbornly believe in themselves, like Sisyphus pushing the rock up the mountain. Yet with trial and error comes the knowledge of experience, and the overconfident have the advantage of being able to learn from their mistakes without letting plebeian fears like self-doubt discourage them from trying again.

3. The Guts to Be Contrary

A less confident person acts as a sycophant to every suggestion made by their boss. The average man knows better than to defy his superiors. However, the overconfident person is willing to say ‘No’ when it’s obvious that’s the answer the boss needs to hear.

It never occurs to him that a business hierarchy exists where someone else is above him. Having the guts to give honest advice and show leadership is why the arrogant can practically moonwalk up the corporate ladder.

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4. Networking

The overconfident are absolutely certain that people will like them. There is no fear of rejection or harsh judgment. No need for approval. The overconfident come pre-approved by the harshest arbiter in the world, their own mirror.

Being Over Confident Can Help in Networking
Every new person met is another notch in the belt, another feather in the cap of available minions. By being unafraid to network and put yourself out there, you can build your clients and contacts and help your business grow.

5. Cool Under Fire

Anyone familiar with sports knows that often times it isn’t the best or most athletically gifted athlete that handles pressure situations well. It’s usually the one whose confidence crosses, steps, and somersaults over the border of delusion. When others are backing down under the weight of the moment, the overconfident are busy contemplating how they will spend their fortune when their business is plastered over the front page of Forbes Magazine.

Pressure is something that exists only in situations where the risk is great, and there is never any risk when the overconfident bet on themselves.

Do you think that being overconfident is a good or a bad thing? and why?

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