Top 10 Promotional Items For Your Next Exhibition


Have you ever been to an exhibition and wondered why there are those stands which simply stand out and those that don’t? Or why you come away with certain business names or brands imprinted on your memory and why you just cant remember the name of that ever so important contact? Well it is more than likely to be your subconscious responding on many levels to brand images.

As In today’s fast paced environment we are constantly bombarded with flyers, offers and advertisements at such a rate that we struggle to take on board all this information. Therefore finding a way to stand out from the crowd long enough to grab the attention of a potential customer or client is in itself a daunting process. TV and radio adverts are tried and tested but are costly. Magazine and newspapers are less so but end up as tomorrow’s trash  and now in our technological age  there is also digital marketing to consider but neither of these mediums are practicle or suitable for exhibitions.

So what is needed is an advertising medium which is cost effective, long lasting and comes with no hassle – simple, this is where printed promotional merchandise (PPM) is effective, although I guarantee you instantly think of key rings, bottle openers and pens and consider dismissing the idea!

Printed Promotional Merchandise

Well think again, printed promotional merchandise is changing for the better and has been proven to be a huge benefit for businesses. A good quality promotional item, that is also functional for the recipient will create instant brand awareness for your company and will remain a good advertising source long after it has been received and taken back to the office or home. Printed promotional merchandise will also create that emotional relationship between you and your customer which has proven to be the bedrock of brand loyalty and continued business whilst also generating oodles of goodwill above your competitors.

PPM is Cost Effective!
The major benefit is that in terms of cost it is a less expensive way to advertise and you can target your printed promotional merchandise products by choosing which gifts to send to specific customer groups.

Some of the following items you may not want to easily part with, so why not consider running a competition where you must provide a business card or e-mail address to enter.The following printed promotional merchandise items will help you stand out form the crowds at your next exhibition.

Here is a list of the top 10 must haves

10. Promotional Golf Tee Holders and Golf accessories

Golf Tees are great for brand awareness whilst out the office, we all know decision makers love a round of golf so it is a perfect way to promote your business.

golf tee holders

9. Keyboard and PC Brush Cleaners

Most offices will have a number of desktop computers so promotional keyboard and PC cleaners prove really popular.

keyboard cleaning

8. Laser Engraved Pinnacle Motivational Paperweight

If you planned a competition you may want to offer a engraved paperweight.

7. Quality A5 size note book with pen in gift box

Note books always prove popular with people attending exhibitions and as for pens, you never know when you need a pen.

6. Recycled A6 Card Cover Notepad – Natural eco friendly

Of course if you want to be eco-friendly you can always hand potential clients a eco-friendly note pad.

recycled paper notebook

5. Stress Toys

A personal favourite of mine is promotional stress toys, needed in most offices and can come in all shapes and sizes.

4. 1GB -8GB USB drive Key rings

Flash drives are probably the most useful promotional item you can have in the office (apart from a mug of course!)

3. iPad Tablet Wrap

What better way to promote your business than on one of the best bits of technology to come from Apple. Promotional iPad covers are very popular and although they are not something you will let go easily they will certainly make your company stand out.


2. iPhone Cover

i-Phone covers are also very popular items, imagine your how often your logo will be seen everyday.

iphone cover

1. Promotional Mugs

Promotional mugs have always been the favourite products at exhibitions, the British love a good cup of team and a promotional mug is the most useful promotional item someone will take away from an event.

Which of these promotional items would you like to receive?

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