How To Get Free Mass Traffic To Your Website

How To Get Free Mass Traffic To Your Website

Free Mass Traffic to your website is within your reach!

Here are 4 proven ways to get highly targeted traffic to your website for FREE! Keep in mind that the term “free” is relative. Nothing is “free” in life. There is always a cost. Time and energy too are investments.

Here are the top 4 free ways to improve website traffic.

1. Article Marketing

Write articles about your market or niche. Look for long-tail keyword phrases getting less than 50,000 competing results in the Search Engines (Google Exact Search). This will give you a competitive chance for ranking high for your keywords.

2. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is one of the simplest and quickest of the “free” ways to increase traffic to your website. The higher you rank on the first page of Google, the more traffic your site will get. Better ranking translates into more traffic. Learn basic and advanced SEO techniques. Most SEO techniques have been demystified.

3. Build a list

Having your own list of subscribers is the best way to drive traffic to your website or money pages. After all, when handled properly, you’ve been building a relationship with your subscribers and establishing yourself as the expert in your niche. If so, they will follow your advice and at least give your recommendations an honest look. Imagine having a list of just 1000 members that you could send to your offers.

Of all the methods for getting free traffic you can use, my experience has been that getting on the first page of Google is the most important step for getting loads of organic search engine traffic.

email list

4. Social networking

Twitter and Facebook are proven ways for sending traffic to your website. Because these are social networks you have to take the time to establish your social presence first (remember the key to social networking is to establish relationship first with groups of “like-minded” followers who want what you have. Once you’ve accomplished that you can begin to drip recommendations to visit your site. The above tips are just the tip of the iceberg on how to generate free website traffic.

It is an established fact that organic traffic out-performs PPC. And, ranking in spots 1-2-3 of Google for your targeted keywords will guarantee free mass traffic to your website.

Don't Take SEO for Granted!
SEO should be your primary goal along with other free mass traffic techniques. The problem for most marketers is that SEO has been made to seem difficult of mysterious by experts and gurus. In reality it is not. There are basic and fundamental skills that are relatively easy to learn, but that pay huge dividends once you learn them!

Do not wait to get started learning this all important skills. It will only cost you time and money, so get started now.

Will you use these tips to get free mass traffic to your website?

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About the Author: Bob Coleman has been marketing online for several years. During this time, Bob has created over 40 money making auto-blogs including Strategies For Online Newbies and Bob Coleman Recommends. He continues to expand his blogging empire and helps teach others how to do the same and make money online.



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