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For those who don’t know QR code or Quick Response Code to give their full name, are clever bar codes than can be scanned using a variety of devices to take you straight to a website or preform other useful functions.

The reason QR codes are becoming ever more popular is because now the majority of smartphones have these scanners built in or the capacity to download them for free. This means that the everyday smartphone users can quickly scan a code and be taken straight to the website or offer page without having to write the address down, this also means that they can go there and then lessening the chance of them forgetting.

It couldn’t be simpler getting a QR code. Simply preform a quick web search for “QR code creator” and many free websites pop up that allow you to simply enter your websites URL to generate a QR code as an image file. You can then use this anywhere to promote your businesses.

Due to the wide availability of QR codes and their scanners, using QR codes have become more popular in marketing. Businesses are keen to take advantage of this trend as it can really help when advertising your business successfully. There are many things you can do with QR codes and below a just a few that work really well.

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Marketing QR Codes on Business Cards

Business Cards are a great way to make the right first impression with potential customers. Adding a QR code to your business card can mean the difference between getting a quick visit to your website while they are out and about and them forgetting about it before they get home. A QR code can be used along with business information to make it quick and simple to get more details on you and your company.

Having a QR code linked up with your website can make you look much more technically professional, as many small businesses wouldn’t be expected to have this level of technical detail. The professional edge can mean the difference between getting a contract over your competitors and losing out.

Putting QR Codes on Flyers

Flyers are a great way to advertise your business and any up and coming event. A QR code is a great way to add interest to a flyer and potentially get more people to your businesses or events.

A great way to market with QR codes when hosting an event such as special music nights at a club is to have nothing but a QR code on a flyer. It might sound silly but it plays on curiosity, meaning a lot more people will visit the website just to see what it is, rather than just being thrown away like many flyers are. This only works with certain niches but can be a very effective marketing tool when used correctly.

Having a QR code on a leaflet or flyer can mean the difference between it being used or thrown away, which is the fate of many standard leaflets that get thrust on passers-by in the streets. One great way to use a flyer with a QR code is to have exclusive offers that are only accessible when the code is scanned. This means not only will people become more invested in the business when trying to buy from you but they’ll also visit your website boosting your web presence and encouraging them to come back.

Using QR Codes with Invitations

QR codes can be used with invitations to make them much more effective and interactive. A great way to do this would be to have a QR code on the invitation which would lead you to a page containing the event’s information so all the guests would have to have is a small invitation rather than a large one or separate documents with information on. This not only makes your invitations great but allows guests to stop getting lost as you could even link the QR code up to an interactive map such as Google Maps.

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Printing QR Codes on T-shirts

Lots of business use T-shirts and other clothing to help advertise themselves effectively. Clothing on staff handing out promotions or even handing out free branded clothing has been time tested marketing tools for years. However now with QR codes the marketing potential of clothing is fantastic. Seeing a QR code on a T-shirt sparks peoples curiosity and makes them want to investigate further.

When handing out free promotional clothing what could better than having your companies QR code on it. Having your QR code on lots of clothing been warn in everyday life means having walking physical links to your company all around. QR codes are also great for promotions, why not have a T-shirt on your staff that says “scan me for 30% off” etc.

QR codes are the now trend in online marketing, they are cheap and easy to use and more businesses should take full advantage of them. I hope this quick guide has helped give you some useful ideas to boost you’re E-marketing.
How have you used QR codes to market your business?
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About the Author: Sam Fisher is an online marketing specialist who frequently writes about ways in which the real world can be used to boost online activity.


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