Tips to Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

TIPS TO conquer your fear of public speaking

Conquering your fear of public speaking may be a common source of stress for some people. You may want to avoid it all together, but this will be hard to do. If you work alone or with a large group of people, eventually you will have to speak in public to accomplish certain tasks. If you are interested in being a leader or doing something meaningful in life, you will have to get over your fear of public speaking.

Conduct Research

One tip to conquer your fear of public speaking is to contact some of the participants you are presenting to and ask them what they expect from your presentation. You may also find out what is their previous knowledge on that particular topic.

These types of conversations can entrust people to be your allies during your presentation and it helps you to deliver exactly what your audience desires.

Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact with your audience throughout your presentation can be very powerful in many ways. It can help you get over your fear of speaking in public as it shows that you are confident in what you are presenting.

Throughout the speech, you can switch your focus to different individuals and try not to focus on the same person the entire time. This may cause some of the audience to feel left out.

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Practicing your speech may also help you get over the anxiety you have of speaking in public. Meet with a group of your friends beforehand and ask for their comments on what you have to say and any ideas on how you can improve.

It is also good if you practice in the same room in which you will be delivering your speech, as it allows you to become familiar with your surroundings.

Adjust Your Tone

When speaking on certain points you may want to stress their importance. If you vary the tone you use, this can be achieved as people would realize what is being emphasized. This can also help you to keep your presentation memorable and interesting. Once you have the interest of your audience, this should decrease your level of nervousness when speaking in a public forum.


The key to delivering a good public speech is to be prepared. You will have to write a speech or even an outline of the points you will need to speak on. It is recommended that you deliver your speech conversationally rather than with a script.  You will be less nervous in delivering your public speech and chances are you will keep the crowd more engaged. Scripts tend to be monotonous and the points can be lost in all the words you have written.

Make sure to convey the message properly!
Public speaking is a necessary component for anyone who holds some form of responsibility. It is important for you to know how to deliver yourself and your speech in a way that will keep the audience engaged. The clarity of what you are saying is also important as the points of the lecture should be stressed so your audience can hear and understand what you are trying to say.

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