4 Insights Into the Future of Advertising

4 INSIGHTS INTO future of ads

The future of advertising is going to be an exciting thing to see. As more and more avenues open up, advertisers and marketers will have an extraordinary reach to what seems to be heading towards “everyone”. Thanks to social media, smartphones and anything else that might be considered “online”, we as marketers will be heading into a virtual candy shop. Here are four insights into the future of advertising.

1. Online Ad Revenue Growth

Online ad revenue is nothing new. It’s been around as early as the internet’s beginnings. But it’s still growing immensely. We will see online ad revenue grow by 21 percent this year in TV segment, amounting to nearly 1.4 billion dollars in value.

Not to mention the unforeseen potential that exists in different forms of social media, online content like YouTube and the boom of the App market.

2. Smartphones, Pads and all things App

The amazing growth of smartphones and the App market has put a tangible value on every individual using them. What this means is that everyone is literally within reach. Not only does it provide a direct connection to the consumer but it also provides a direct message that can be tailored to a specific segment that uses the specific App.

With the introduction of Pads (Pads for iPads and all similar products), not only will the App market grow but there will be greater growth allowing for more direct advertising and segmentation. It’ll give advertisers more control over the dollars they spend.

3. Multi-Platformed Advertising

With the number of media platforms growing, advertising and marketing of products will have to be more strategic and precise. Wanting to overload all platforms will be a mistake and take away from the true consumers of the product. But that is not to say that multi-platform advertising won’t be necessary.

Recall rates grow considerably, by as much as 18 percent, when ads are placed both on TV and online versus simply on TV. Equally, online video outperforms TV ads in brand, general and message recall along with likeability. The right combination of TV and online media could prove to be extremely valuable.

multi platform

4. The Millennials

The Millennials are taking charge in the . Under 25’s are watching as much as 83 percent of some TV online as opposed everyone else at 64 percent. Multi-platform use accounts for a comparable 54 and 51 percent respectively. But intriguingly, under 25’s lead the way by watching most or all of TV online at 29 percent versus everyone else at 13 percent. Currently, only a few minutes of ad’s fall within a 1 hour of online TV content. This will undoubtedly increase, as the combination of higher ad tolerance and large potential for ad space still exists on the net.

The online segment still exhibits significant potential for advertising. Though, it shouldn’t be mistaken that since online video ads outperform TV ads that TV is not an important way of reaching the consumer.

Find the Right Thing.
The best results seem to be coming from a multi-platform combination.  So it would be wise when trying to reach your audience not to waste valuable advertising dollars on a media spaces they don’t use. It’s not a matter of using everything, its a matter of using the right thing.


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