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Event planning must be done correctly from beginning to end in order to avoid any last minute problems that might emerge as a result of a lack of organization.

In fact, all  companies have specific planning strategies as well as goals that they implement to  meet certain objectives, and this is no different with planning a corporate event. In this  article we will discuss how you can plan your corporate events using social media  platforms and tools that will help you not only manage your events, but market them  for greater exposure.

Planning corporate events is an important facet of every company. Meetings are  incredibly important to every corporation as they offer a medium for team members and  managers to discuss company successes and areas that need strategic planning in order  to ensure success throughout the year.

Events Offer a Wide Range of Benefits!
Corporate events such as sales meetings, new  product launches and press events, offer a company a wide range of benefits such as  getting unique and beneficial input from team members, managers or even clients that  are present.

The challenge for many corporations during the event planning process is both accurately planning, scheduling as well as marketing these events either internally  or externally to ensure their success.

With today’s social media tools such as Facebook and internal Customer Relations Management tools such as Sales-force, planning your event can be that much easier!

Using SalesForce for Corporate Event Planning

Salesforce is an extremely popular customer relationship management (CRM) software that allows a company to become more efficient with external customer service. Salesforce also offers a communication tool called Salesforce Chatter that allows individuals in your company to communicate across many departments quite easily. In fact, Chatter can serve as an internal Facebook as it is set up to deliver messages in real time.

Within this module in Salesforce you can easily set up specific groups designated for different events in your Corporation. For example, if you need to schedule a corporate event for sales training, then starting a sales group is very easy and Chatter will allow you to feed information in so all members will be made aware of any corporate events while at work. Again, Chatter is an excellent internal social media tool that has helped many companies increase both their communication and efficiency.

Facebook and Corporate Event Planning

Facebook, because of its flexibility allows anyone to start an event and then invite guests to that event. Starting an event is as easy as having a business Facebook fan page. In fact, prior to any event that you are planning within a Corporation, a Facebook group can be started with both managers and team members to talk strategies as well as begin discussions about topics that should be covered during your meeting. However, for corporate sensitive information, tools such as Salesforce should be utilized and Facebook should be used for more general non-sensitive information.

facebook group invitation

Also, any company that has a product promotion that they need to schedule should start a Facebook fan page and then begin to place FB ads targeted to individuals who are interested in that specific niche that your product falls in. From here, it is very easy to announce any corporate events that are open to the public. This two-prong approach will give you the ability to both brand your company as well as market to prospective customers. For events that are private, announcing Facebook groups internally within your Corporation can provide a fun and efficient method of increasing communication companywide. for Events

Another Social Media tool that allows individuals to search and find events that are to their liking is gives a company that ability to list a corporate event in the city of their choice. For example, if you have a corporate event that is trying to increase the awareness of a specific cause or chaity, then this social media tool is an excellent way to get the word out about your event.

meetup website features a variety of interests that companies can also use to gain demographic information about a certain area that they may be expanding into. In fact, any social media space where people share their opinions are excellent places for companies to engage in so they can understand the populace in that area.

In our day and age, communication with Social media is very common, and if a company utilizes these mediums correctly, success is sure to follow!

Are you prepared to run your own corporate event planning business?

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About the Author: David Thomas is a Corporate Magician and Event Producer with Shows In A Box Corporate Event Entertainment. David has over 25 years experience planning and implementing corporate and special events for businesses of all size.


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