Google Ending Passwords

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Google is making major moves to replace passwords with passkeys, a passwordless login system, eventually. Instead of using a traditional username and password to access their Google accounts, users will now be required to generate and utilize a passkey. Google intends to make passkeys the default login method by defaulting to the “skip password when possible” option. To prevent prompts, users can choose to disable this feature if they would rather keep their passwords private.

Because traditional passwords are easy to guess and steal, they provide security problems. By using cryptographic keys that are saved on devices for authentication, passkeys solve these problems and significantly lower the possibility of phishing attempts. Google hasn’t released precise passkey adoption statistics, although they have reported success with well-known apps like YouTube, Search, and Maps. Additionally, passkey support is becoming available for more apps and services; among the businesses utilizing this technology are Apple, Microsoft, Uber, eBay, and WhatsApp.

Google’s transition to passwordless authentication is in line with a long-standing objective, and they’re inspired by the favorable user comments on passkeys. Although it will take time to completely move away from passwords, Google is using its power to nudge people in that direction, and in the years to come, this trend is predicted to pick up steam. The startup wants to revolutionize the market by promoting passkeys, which will eventually render passwords useless and rare.


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