Walmart Preparing to Enter the Metaverse


Walmart looks to be entering into the metaverse, with plans to launch its own cryptocurrency and NFT collection.

Late this month, the big-box retailer filed numerous new trademarks indicating its intention to manufacture and sell virtual items, such as electronics, home décor, toys, sporting goods, and personal care products. Walmart stated in a separate filing that it will give consumers virtual currency in addition to NFTs.

Walmart filed the applications on December 30th, according to the US Patent and Trademark Office.

In total, seven separate applications have been submitted.

In a statement, Walmart said it is “continuously exploring how emerging technologies may shape future shopping experiences.” It declined to comment on the specific trademark filings.

“We are testing new ideas all the time,” the company added. “Some ideas become products or services that make it to customers. And some we test, iterate and learn from.”


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