Five Items All Clothes Retailers Should Place At Point Of Sale

At Point Of Sale

Point of sale display units are one of the most lucrative display points any retailer can employ. Use of such units has been shown to boost impulse purchases by 400% and overall profits by 30%.

However, the products displayed within the units are vital to the level of success the retailer can expect, and the amount of impulse purchases that are likely to be made. Below are five such items which are guaranteed to be lucrative sellers at point of sale. If your store doesn’t currently stock these items, I suggest you start now!

Here are the 5 Items all clothes retailers should place at their point of sale

1. Socks

Socks are a great item for point of sale since nearly everyone wears them. They’re also low cost meaning that shoppers won’t think twice about buying them. Additionally, socks are an item that might be placed on many peoples shopping lists, but that they forget to buy. The point of sale display units are therefore a very handy reminder that they need to make this purchase.


2. Chocolates and Sweets

Placing chocolates and sweets within these units can be very lucrative since shopping makes people hungry, and when they’re hungry, they are going to be tempted by tasty treats. What’s more, sweets and chocolates make great gifts, so if someone has been out shopping for a friend or family member they may choose to make this extra purchase as a little add on to the gift or gifts that they are giving.

chocolates and sweats

3. Gift Sets

Again on the theme of gifts, it is incredibly lucrative to place items at point of sale that are suitable to be given as presents. Gift sets featuring shower gels or perfumes are fantastic as low cost gifts for a shopper that is thinking about a forthcoming birthday or other celebration.

gift sets

What’s more, many retailers only stock gift sets around Christmas. While a huge percentage of gifts are purchased around this time, we all have a birthday every year and there are many other unanticipated celebrations to consider such as an engagement, wedding or a birth, meaning that there are many other occasions that may call for some gift shopping.

4. Jewellery

No outfit is complete without jewellery, yet many shoppers may forget to browse the jewellery section when seeking new clothes. Therefore jewellery is a fantastic temptation for waiting shoppers, since they may very well see the perfect accessory for their new outfit, or simply something pretty that catches their eye.

5. Reduced Items

Point of sale display units are a fantastic location for displaying items that the store can’t shift. All shoppers love a bargain, and if they see something they perceive to be one while waiting in queue, they’re almost guaranteed to snap it up! Another good place for displaying sale goods is near to the entrance, since this is the first thing the shoppers will head to as they enter.

sale reduced item prices

The general consensus is that the best items to display in point of sale display units are items of a low cost that also have a broad appeal. You’re targeting people’s nature to impulse purchase here, and if the items on display are on the pricey side, shoppers will be much less inclined to make those impulse purchases.

Which of these items will you start selling on your point of sale display?

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