Photo Sharing On Facebook: Doing It the Right Way

proper facebook sharing

I guess nobody who has been on cyber space is hearing about Facebook for the first time, at least not with nearly a billion users. As a social networking site, Facebook has a photo sharing feature that has come of value for personal interrelation among families and friends to share joyful moments and interesting events. While serving as a platform for social interaction, it holds several opportunities for businesses that are now leveraging its social media marketing tool to promote their products and services. If you plan to exploit the benefits of the social media’s photo sharing tools, here are some tips that are of value.

Create and Name Albums for All Your Photos

If you have done any uploads on Facebook, you must have noticed that by default, all images are saved in an untitled album named after the date of upload. In order to make your shared photos more attractive, it is better to create albums. I personally create different albums for different category of images.

For instance, my work related shoots go to my ‘Professional’ album, pictures from my weekend trips and vacations go to the ‘Timeout’ album and those family related photos from birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, and family joyful moments go to the ‘My Family’ album. Also, I tend to pick a nice picture from each album to use as the album cover. This gives the album a sense of organization while making it more enticing.

Properly Organize Your Photos

Facebook’s photo sharing tool provides users with a lot of control features you can use to effectively express yourself. Say you want to share with friends or fans how to switch on a television set, reboot a handheld device or how to install a particular gadget, you can take snapshots at each step, while doing this yourself and share the images showing the whole process starting from the first step up to the last.

All you need to do is open the images in a particular album and click and drag any image to any direction or position you’d like it to be. This way you can also share, in steps, how the wedding ceremony last weekend went or the speakers in the seminar you attended yesterday in the order they spoke.

Tag Your Photos

When you tag your friends in your photos, they will automatically be notified. Additionally, the photo is made available in their profile. I personally do this when I want to get selective attention to a particular photo and want to attract particular people.

This has worked on several occasions while giving away Snapily and Mixbook coupons on my fan page. Maybe it is time you use this to get people’s attention to your products and services as well.

Don’t Stop Sharing and Engaging

It appears that everyone appreciates well-taken photos and by consistently posting them on Facebook, your audience will always come back to feed their eyes and ponder on the curiosity you are creating in their mind.

Share Often!
If you are promoting your business, share as many related photos as possible and keep them coming. Also, don’t forget to interact with fans and friends when they leave comments or ask questions on any of your photos. This will encourage them more and can make your profile go viral which also holds a handful of benefits for your business.

Facebook is not just a platform to chat with friends and post funny personal images. While those Facebook ads and viral scripts can get you in front of prospects, positing relevant, valuable and engaging photos will help you to retain them.

How do you share photo’s on Facebook?

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